Wedding Debate: Home or Abroad?

All this hot weather in the UK is making us think of weddings abroad – do you hop on a plane to a guaranteed sunny climate with the risk that not all of your family and friends can attend, or do you stay in the UK, knowing the chance of rain is high but the family and friends’ quota is more of a guarantee?

Every couple seems to ask themselves this question at some point throughout their engagement (in fact we asked ourselves this question on more than five occasions!) It is usually posed when you come across a stumbling block in your agreed plan (grandparents can’t travel, friends can’t afford to go or it’s due to be the wettest summer on record at home) but whatever your opinion is, it is an important decision that sets the scene for your entire wedding.

Beach wedding
Lovely places or loved ones faces?

I have attended fantastic weddings both home and abroad, and ironically what usually makes them unique has nothing to do with the venue but the cuisine served (my cousin got married in Spain over 6 years ago and even now I can taste the squid ink paella!), the quirky incidents (at the same wedding the best man crashed my cousins car) and the finishing touches, oh and of course the bride’s dress!

We decided to have our wedding in the UK because who was there was more important to us than where it was, however I think that made us even more picky when it came to venues, it was a compromise but why couldn’t we have it all?! We also took away the weather debate by having it in the winter (December to be exact) so we weren’t checking our weather app 24/7 in the run up to the big day!

Rainy day wedding
Make the weather work in your favour with fun loving photos!

So whether you choose home or abroad, the best bit of advice we can give you is to make it personal to you, weigh up the pros and cons, oh and don’t travel to Europe when there is a volcanic ash cloud (yes this did happen to someone I know and half her friends couldn’t make the wedding)!

Let us know what you think…

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