During your engagement it’s perfectly acceptable…

…for you to want everyone to ask to see your ring, regardless of the topic of conversation

…to spend double the amount of time typing or driving whilst you admire the different angles your ring catches the light

…to create a spreadsheet of all the things you need to do, oh and another one for family and friends who mentioned in passing they could help

…to join Pinterest for the first time, pin everything in sight, and realise what you’ve been missing

…to research what dress style you may like before you go wedding dress shopping, research again to make sure, and continue to research until you are thinking of nothing but wedding dresses

…to practice your new signature before you’ve got married

…to suddenly realise you don’t like the last name of the person you are marrying and so consider double barrelling it

…if the first and last thing you think of when you wake up and go to bed is weddings

….to have a mild panic before your last dress fitting, and debate changing your mind because it’s not ‘the one’

…to smile whenever you remember you’re engaged, enjoy the moment because time flies!

Whisper and Blush   xxx