From Catwalk to Aisle | Bridal Seperates

There was a time when the “matchy – matchy” look was seen as a bit naff – but not anymore. Co-ordinated separates (Co-ords, if you’re down with it) have been a key look on the Catwalks for the past year featuring heavily in “real-life” as much as in the fashion shows.

Burberry Prorsum won over even the harshest of critics when they showed their Spring/Summer 2014 collection of shirts and below- the- knee skirts; but the fabric of barely-there lace made for a sexy twist on what could otherwise have been quite “librarian”. Marc Jacobs took a tropical twist with jungle prints and Prabal Gurung showed brightly coloured sports jackets teamed with matching skirts.

Spring Summer 2014 from
Frome Left: Burberry Prorsum , Marc Jacobs, Prabal Gurung Spring/Summer 2014 Collections: Source:

Fast-forward to the lookbooks of S/S 2016 and the likes of Alice & Oliva; Chanel and Whistles continue to feature Co-ords proving this is a trend we are all going to see more of.  In fact, fast-fashion faves such as Topshop and Asos feature “Co-ords” as stand alone selections on their websites making it easy for shoppers to track down the perfect look for them –be it a midi skirt and cropped top, or high-waisted trousers and matching blouse. It’s certainly a look here to stay.

ss2016 collections  from
From Left: Alice & Oliva; Chanel & Whistles Spring/Summer 2016: Source:

What we love so much about Co-ords is that you can get them to fit you! It’s as if fashion has suddenly woken up to the fact that us women don’t conform to one set size. So often we try on a dress to find that it bags around the waist but clings way too tightly to the hips. Or you step into a dress that you have to shoehorn your backside into and once you managed to wiggle it up past your waist (usually at this point you get hot, flustered and a little scared of ripping it!) the darn thing is way too big on the bust and falls off the shoulder. Co-ords are amazing – Size 8 top, Size 14 bottom? No worries! It’s no wonder these separates have become so popular.

Now the wiggling into the dress scenario isn’t as much of an issue when it comes to bridalwear – your gown will more often than not be made to measure and there’s always the extremely talented seamstresses who can make the dress fit you like a glove. However, the fact that a number of bridal designers have filtered Co-ords into their collections for both fashion and practicality reasons is something to be celebrated! Not only can brides rock a trend that is set to continue on their big day; they have more flexibility over the size (making many a seamstress breath a sigh of relief), they can also mix and match to get their perfect look. So often Brides will try on a dress and like the skirt but not the neckline or vice versa – now they can customise their look selecting their favoured shapes, without the huge price tags of a pure custom made gown.

In true W&B style we have selected our favourite Bridal separates for you to enjoy.

dresses 1

From left to right:

1. Riki Dalal: From the Provence collection, this intricate lace top and high split wrap skirt is perfect for the more daring Bride.

2.Charlie Brear: *Shimmy Shimmy Alert* The fringed skirt and simple sleeveless top creates a fun, relaxed feel.

3. Sally Lacock Mace Skirt and Juniper Top: The open back and delicate lace skirt is perfect for a Bride wanting a timeless, understated yet elegant look.

To show the versatility of Bridal Separates we have also taken the Bay skirt from London-based designer Sally Lacock – a beautiful bias cut skirt with a soft elegant train to the back – and shown how it can be styled with different tops to create three totally different looks.


From left to right:

The Juniper top: Subtle lace detailing applied both beneath and on top of the sheer silk adds a delicate pattern. The lace collar fastens with flowing silk ties.

The Stevia top: This chic, relaxed blouse made of silk and French lace is as versatile as it is lovely. After the wedding continue to enjoy wearing this timeless piece with your favourite jeans.

The Lavender Blouse: The subtle lace detailing shadowing through from beneath the sheer silk and pretty glass buttons at the back, gives this wedding top a delicate handcrafted beauty.

Whisper and BlushWhat do you think to Co-ords?  Are you a fan?