10 things you should know before shopping for your wedding dress

Wedding Dress Shopping Image: @Porterbrides

Okay, so the fact you are reading this is a great start; shopping for your dream wedding dress can be quite daunting and the weird thing is it’s something you think wouldn’t be – it should come naturally right? You have chatted to your friends about it for years – ‘what style should I go for?’, ‘what colour would suit my skin tone?’, ‘what season would you want to get married in’…the list goes on.

Well maybe that’s the case, that is until you rock up at the first shop and whilst ringing the bell feel a pang of nervousness creep up on you as if you are all of a sudden completely unprepared for what you are about to do.  Just don’t have a mild panic attack and go running for the hills aka Carrie in SATC season 4 (if you haven’t seen it it’s worth a view).

So here they are, our top 10 tips to take on board before venturing into the wonderful world that is wedding dress shopping…

1. Make an appointment

Quite a few people overlook this and just assume you can pop in for a look around. Appointments are there for a reason, to ensure you get personal service and one to one time with the experts.  Enjoy it, it’s like the best personal shopper you will ever have!

2. Take the right person/people with you

This is critical if you want an honest and ‘unemotional’ (okay so they will be emotional but not on your level) opinion.  They are wedding dresses, of course they are beautiful with intricate detail so accept the fact the majority will look god damn good.  Only someone who knows you well will be able to ask the right questions to ensure you are thinking straight (puff ball sleeves need not apply.)

3. Try on every shape in the shop

This sounds obvious but so many people don’t do this.  They have pinned thousands of dresses, folded over pages in magazines and have a mood board that  J-Lo would be jealous of, but you don’t know what suits you until you try it on. Keep an open mind, you can’t lose.

4. Shop for your shape and not for the most recent trend

You can get blind-sided by the beautiful model in the double page spread wedding magazine feature wearing sheer lace or barely anything to some people, but in reality is that going to suit your frame and body type? You must feel amazing in whatever you choose, don’t be a slave to fashion (unless of course you are Kate Moss).

5. Go with a budget in mind

If you don’t do this you are playing a very dangerous game!  Of course you are going to prefer the more expensive couture dress that you can amazingly ‘find the budget for’ but honestly if you can’t afford it, don’t try it on.  Take our word for it…

6. Don’t show up with a recent spray tan or full wedding day make-up

Although you may go for the spray on your wedding day, and want to see how the dresses look with your best make-up.  Most shops won’t let you try anything on with the risk of orange stains cropping up on their crisp white gowns (think how it puts you off in a regular clothes shop let alone when shopping for the most expensive dress you’ve ever bought.) Keep it simple.

7. Wear the right underwear

The right underwear can do wonders and change the entire look of some gowns, so although it also needs to be appropriate (no see-through neon thongs) make sure it’s similar in style to something you may wear on the big day.

8. Be honest

You’re not going to narrow down your options if you tell the bridal shop owner that you love them all.  They hear comments about their designer stock every day so be clear on what you do and don’t like with each style you try on (obviously you don’t want to be rude either so make sure it’s not too brutal!).  There are elements of some you may love so make sure you communicate that so they can find other suitable dresses.

9. Don’t put pressure on yourself

This is meant to be fun, don’t stress yourself out or worry that you haven’t found ‘the one’.  Enjoy every minute because you will only do it once (unless of course you are Kanye and Kim in which case every year).

10. Don’t get discouraged

This isn’t a Disney movie, you may not find your dream dress on the first outing but what you will do is find out what you don’t want, and that’s equally as important.


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