Night Night | Get Some Stylish Shut Eye

Okay so the odds are the night before your wedding you will be way too excited to sleep properly. However there’s no harm in making sure you look and feel super stylish while trying to drift off to the land of nod! What’s more you’ll want to be rocking super cute PJs and camera-ready robes in the morning when your photographer shows up for the getting ready shots.

Our Favourite Pjs:

Beautiful sleepwear for all budgets
Beautiful sleepwear for all budgets

1. Where the Heart Is Night Shirt by Yawn :£65

With its cute heart print and made from super-soft luxury 100% Cotton Sateen, we love this cozy nightshirt by  Yawn.  It even features two generous pockets which will be handy for any tissues you might need if you wake up feeling emotional!  We love Yawn’s mission too –  to create the ultimate pyjama: luxuriously comfortable, bursting with feel-good character and dedicated to – joy of joys – relaxation!

2. Lobster Pyjamas by Hush: now £30

Hush is probably a go-to site for relaxed wear – even their daytime clothes are laid-back, simple but still chic.  Their Pyjamas are so soft and comfortable you’ll want to laze around in them all day (Okay, so not on your wedding day, you’ll be itching to get into your dress, but when you’re back to reality…). We think the print on these will be fun for photos.

3. Imprime Vichy gingham cotton-blend by Heidi Klum Intimates’:£60

What do supermodels wear to bed?  Who knows?  But Heidi Klum’s range of nightwear includes these gorgeous loose fit gingham Pyjamas made from a lightweight cotton-blend – perfect for staying cool at night.

4. Iris Floral Teddy by ASOS: £28

This is maybe a tad skimpy if you’re getting ready in a big group – but the bright colours will look fab on camera and while it’s a teddy – it’s more fun than sexy.  You could always throw a robe over the top. Which leads us nicely too…

Our Favourite Robes:

Picture-perfect robes
Picture-perfect robes

1. Queenie Joy by Olivia von Halle: £595

Yes, the price tag is eye-watering, but this is the “creme de la creme” of robes. It will last a lifetime (just save it for best when you want to float around feeling beautiful rather than getting your dippy egg down it!) Olivia von Halle is a British luxury nightwear brand that quickly made a name for itself as the go-to brand for high-end nightwear. Celebrity fans of the brand include Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow.  This particular kimono is handcrafted from ten meters of silk cut continuously from front to back. Featuring an oversized abstract floral print; and fully-lined in 19 momme silk; this exquisite piece is finished with a matte silk sash in chartreuse that narrows the waist when tied, creating a dramatic silhouette fit for a Queen (hence it’s name).

2.  Green Mauverina and Tatum Liberty Print Cotton Kimono: £95

Who doesn’t love a Liberty print?  This luxurious cotton wrap will look super-stylish while your being pampered getting your hair and make up done.  We love the contrasting floral edging that comes around the collar, into the wrap and along the sleeves.  So pretty.

3. Lips Robe by ASOS: £30

This bright, fun robe is super cute and lightweight and will really pop in pictures.

And Finally…

…To help you get some shut eye we highly recommend the Lavender Eye Masks by Holistic Silk: £46

Eye mask to soothe you into relax mode
Eye mask to soothe you into relax mode

Made in Britain using the finest silk and lined in super soft and comforting 100% Cotton Velvet, these eye masks are filled with dried Lavender.  The calming fragrance will soothe you off to sleep, block out the light and fragrance the air.  They also come in a whole range of pretty designs and colours.

Whisper and BlushWhat do you think to these? Will you be investing in new nightwear for the night before your wedding?