Finishing Touch | Don’t overlook the headpiece

Wedding headpiece Crystal infinity loops head wrap

When you get engaged the first thing that springs to mind is ‘yes I can go wedding dress shopping, and of course this is an extremely enjoyable part of the planning.  However, what tends to be overlooked is the fact you can also wear one of the most decadent and beautiful pieces of headwear you will probably rock in your entire life!

Granted, brides-to-be usually find the dress of their dreams and then a headpiece to compliment it, but what should never happen (and happens all too often), is once said dress has been chosen, less thought goes into the accessories and headpiece than went in to the dress…major faux pas!

We would also argue that following the wedding of your dreams, your dress may get cleaned, put perfectly back in its box (don’t ever put it in plastic), and up to the attic, only to come down on the odd anniversary in the hope you will still fit into it! However, a headpiece will more than likely stay in your bedroom, make an appearance more often, still look amazing and most of all still fit!

So to help perfect your complete bridal look, here are some of our favourite designers in the quest for headpiece perfection…

Twigs and Honey


Hermione Harbutt


Feather and Coal


Flo & Percy


Halo & Co


Happy shopping!

Whisper and Blush