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My favourite film of all time is The Sound of Music (I love it.  I can quote the whole film word for word. Every single character…It would be my Mastermind subject) So my first “wedding dress moment” would be the silk creation that Maria wore when she married Captain von Trapp.  Empire line, ivory silk, high collar, long-sleeved with  buttons up the insides; and miles and miles of tulle for the longest Cathedral veil – this was the dress I wanted when I was little girl…

Sound of music wedding dress
Source: Elle, Spain

… Until I saw the character Annie Banks in Father of The Bride in all her 90’s fashion glory.  I thought that wearing trainers under your wedding dress was the coolest thing in the world! All that lace, the long sleeves… she was my Kate Middleton when I was 8! And made me think that swans at your wedding were a must have (and no doubt my Dad live in fear for my own big day! – there were no swans…)

Father of the Bride Wedding Dress
Source: Brides

Was there a tween or teen in the world that didn’t have a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio in the late 90’s?  We totally did.  And nothing was more romantic (or cool) as the Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet.  While we both preferred her angel fancy dress outfit in the scene where she first meets Romeo – Claire Danes was still marrying LEONARDO DICAPRIO! And did so in a buttoned up halter neck.

Romeo & Juliet Wedding Dress
Source: FashionGrunge.com

A favourite Rom-Com of ours is Sweet Home Alabama – with probably one of the most memorable proposals in film history where Reece Witherspoon’s character is taken to Tiffany’s and told to “just pick one” (At the time A- MAZ- ING, now as I’m older and more sentimental  – LAZY!) However, the dress she wore to “not get married” before running back to her ex-husband (well, they never divorced..) was really pretty and we totally loved the bird cage veil.

Sweet Home Alabama Wedding Dress
Source: Harpers Bazaar.

We were both a little (a lot) obsessed with Sex and the City and would loose hours of our lives engrossed in box sets (still think the American Girl in Paris episodes feature some of the BEST TV fashion looks EVER!). We remember watching the film with so much anticipation for what Carrie would wear to, ahem – get jilted at the alter in. .. The Vivienne Westwood gown did not disappoint.  It was so Carrie.  Even the turquoise “bird” she put on her head seemed to work for SJP. 

Sex and the City Wedding Dress
Source: Vogue.com

Bride Wars is a good movie to pick for not one, but two beautiful Vera Wang gowns. Kate Hudson choose a princess ballgown and Anne Hathaway an off-the-shoulder mermaid.

Bride Wars Wedding Dresses
Source: WeddingDash

Whether you’re a lover or a hater of the books and movies, you’d probably be lying if you said you didn’t even have a slight interest in what dress Kristen Stewart’s character Bella would wear to wed her dead lover  in Twilight (it’s even weirder when you put it like that…sorry…) The designer of the gown was probably one of the most anticipated reveals in bridal history behind Kate Middleton… Made from crepe satin and French Chantilly lace the vintage-inspired Carolina Herrara featured a stunning sheer back with delicate scrolled embroidery and was designed by Carolina to be a ‘romantic’ surprise.  Apparently the Director and author of the books, Stephenie Meyer,  elected the final design out of ten sketches submitted. The dress is said to have taken four seamstresses six months to complete and came complete with 152 buttons at the back of the dress, with 17 additional buttons on each sleeve.

Twilight Wedding Dress
Source: Daily Mail
The Vow Wedding Dress
Source: Brides

We also need to give shout-out to this far from traditional short pink Betsey Johnson dress Rachel McAdams wore in The Vow. Fun, young and flirty and we love the short, voluminous blush-pink veil.  Does this dress remind anyone else of a shorter version of the  Dajana Basic London gown we featured in a Catwalk to Aisle post?! 
Whisper and BlushDo you have a favourite movie Bride? xx