Bridal Designer | An Interview With Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror

It’s only right that our first ‘Interview with…’ feature (which by the way will be monthly so keep an eye out!) is with the uber talented,  incredibly inspiring and super elegant Inbal Dror.

Her designs have always blown us away (particularly the 2015 Venice Collection), and so when a member of her team agreed to ask her some questions on our behalf we couldn’t wait to scribble down everything we’ve ever wanted to ask her – the list had to be rewritten at least 5 times for her not to be put off and be able to answer them this side of Christmas!

So what is the first item of clothing someone who creates stunning, effortless and intricate gowns made ‘I drew clothes as a child before I actually made something from cloth. My drawings are much better now!’.  Phew that’s a relief, however we can’t help but think her first attempt at pen to paper was pure class!

Following what we are sure was plenty of drawings, she graduated from The Shenkar Fashion Art Academy, one of the leading colleges in Israel, and has plenty of fond memories of her time there.  ‘I was always interested in fashion and design and my love of the art grew from my time as a student and my time spent in Italy.’

It is clear that four years in Italy working with some of the world’s top designers influenced her sense of style.  You only need to look at the Inbal Dror website to see an underlying current of Italian flair running through it ( for those of you who haven’t checked it out yet!). ‘I learnt a great deal in Italy and was greatly influenced by the book “100 years of Fashion. Upon my return to Israel, I started designing dresses for private brides. I loved how a gown could make a bride feel so special and add to such an important day of their life.

Well thankfully for the bridal industry Inbal continued her love of designing bridal wear and today her gowns are available from Sydney to Seoul, but how does she stay inspired, ‘All women are my inspiration. My passion was always to design feminine, figure flattering dresses. I studied the woman’s body and figure; I am always inspired by the woman’s body. It is perfect! It doesn’t matter what the specific size or measurement is. It is always perfect for me to design and fit the right dress to the right bride.’

That sense of passion for the female form is seen in abundance across all her collections as is a distinct continuity, ‘when I saw the reaction to the ones with very long dramatic trains, lower backs and romantic looks the style developed and is now a part of my signature style.’

This romance was evident in her latest 2015 Venice Collection, as was the influence of her time spent in Italy.  ‘The architecture and an antique Italian tiara were the inspirations behind the collection. I am very proud of all the collection and think each gown reflects a different characteristic of the city and its romance. I don’t like to signify a single gown as a favourite. They are all equal to me. It’s like family…’

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And it is her real family which is close to her heart, ‘spending time with my family is always the best way to unwind. I am lucky to have a wonderfully supportive group of friends and family.’

She seems incredibly grounded and grateful for what she has achieved, so in this day in age we couldn’t help but ask what a global businesswoman like her can’t do without, ‘my cell phone, a pencil and paper. The phone to always be able to be connected with my family; and a pencil and paper to jot down and sketch ideas when they pop into my head.’

So with that in mind what trends has she jotted down for brides to watch out for in 2016/17? ‘I think that it is mostly a regional issue. I see different trends in different places. Some are very flamboyant and some are modest and demure. I see a trend in some designs of “retro” – nostalgic looks of the mid late century.’

Well you heard it here first!  Inbal Dror, it was a pleasure.  Thank you to you and your team for making our month!

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