Spring/Summer 2016 Makeup Looks | Inspired By Fashion Week

When it comes to bridal makeup we’re huge advocates of the, “yourself but better” philosophy. If you don’t usually wear winged eyeliner and and a bold lip – then why do it on your big day? However, if that is your style, then go to town!

Luckily for Spring/Summer 2016, anything will go makeup wise.  Literally, anything.  The recent Fashion Weeks featured a mix of make up looks from soft and natural to bold red lips; graphic eyeliner; highlighted skin; even facial embellishments.

The bold red lip…

Brides with Red Lips
Our Favourite Red Lip Bridal looks| All images from Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/whisperandblush/beauty/

…With modern long lasting formulations there really is no need to fear a red lip. A pop of colour on the lips can liven up the complexion and make you look instantly polished. A red lip also works well for brides who want to embrace a vintage look on their big day.  Get the look with the Nars Velvet Matt Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl – we love this product for the easy fool-proof application and the fact that it lasts and lasts.

The highlighted skin…

Our Favourite Highlighted Looks| Bridal Beauty| All images from Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/whisperandblush/beauty)/
Our Favourite Highlighted Looks| Bridal Beauty| All images from Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/whisperandblush/beauty)/

… Highlighting and ‘strobing’ are big buzz words in the world of beauty at the moment but the techniques are nothing new and something bridal makeup artists have been perfecting for years to cheat a beautiful dewy complexion (when let’s face it, usually a bride hasn’t got her full forty winks the night before!).  Our favourite products to highlight with are the lightweight, water-based liquid Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors which create a healthy glow to the face when mixed with base products or applied to the high points of the face and the The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer powder -a cult favourite which provides a gorgeous sexy-sheen to the skin.  Our top tips if you’re doing your own makeup is to test how well your highlighter of choice photographs (you don’t want the flash to leave you looking like Casper the ghost, no matter how friendly he is!) and to always apply with a light-hand (there’s a very, very fine line between the J-Lo Glow and Spin Class Sweat!)

The blue eye…

Our fave blue eye makeup looks by Nikki Tutorials and Linda Hallberg
Our fave blue eye makeup looks by Nikki Tutorials and Linda Hallberg

… Fashion designers keep trying to get us back into blue eyeshadow!  As with highlighting, if makeup isn’t your forte, it’s probably best to leave this to the professionals as bad blending could lead to a bruised-eye look rather than wedding ready! However, done properly, blue eye makeup can be super pretty and make blue and green eyes really pop.  Personally we think it’s best to stick to timeless, neutral shades when it comes to wedding day makeup  – but why not have fun with the look on your hen do or honeymoon? Swedish makeup guru Linda Hallberg and Dutch YouTube star Nikkie Tutorials rule if you want to check out any tips and inspiration for blue eye makeup looks (or any looks for that matter).

Whisper and BlushHave you thought about the makeup you’ll choose for you big day? xx