9 Unique Engagement Rings

For some reason a number of women are almost ashamed to admit their love of weddings or the idea of getting married – probably for fear of ridicule for being a ‘bridazilla‘ or  worse, ‘desperate‘.  But there really is no reason to at all!  If you love reading wedding blogs and looking at wedding websites before you’ve got a ring on it don’t feel embarrassed – you’re not alone! Around 75% of women are pinning to a (usually secret) wedding Pinterest board before the question is popped!  So you are in great company (and super organised!).

It’s now ‘engagement season’ with so many key occasions for a proposal popping up in our social calendars (Bonfire Night; Christmas; New Years Eve; Valentines Day) so we think it wouldn’t hurt to start pinning a few engagement rings – who says hints need to be subtle! We’ve pulled together some of our faves – happy browsing!

Ken & Dana…

Ken & Dana Design engagement rings combine sculptural settings with recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds, and exotic gemstones.  We think these will appeal to be brides- to-be looking for a unique engagement ring. There are so many stunning designs but we particularly love the Lorax, the three stone Bridgette and the grey diamond Amani.

Tamara Gomez on Etsy…

… specialising in rough diamond and gem set jewellery using traditional gold smithing techniques crafted from her studio in London. We love how natural these pieces look and think they give a modern twist to the traditional. We are fans of the Rough diamond and faceted ring, the Rose cut sapphire ring for a diamond alternative and love the natural look of the Rough diamond ring in yellow gold.

Diamond alternatives…

 There are so many gorgeous gemstones out there why limit your search to diamonds?  We love the stunning Opal Cluster ring with diamonds that we found from Melanie Casey Jewelery via Etsy.  Tanzanite stones are relatively rare, occurring in only one place in the world, the Merelani Hills in Tanzania, we love the deep purple/blue hues and fell in love with the Engagement Ring by Miss Iris Jewelery on Etsy.  Love pink diamonds but know they’re too pricy? How about considering Morganite? No surprise, we love the blush pink of this rose gold Morganite ring by Pristine Custom Rings on Etsy.

Whisper and BlushHave you already started pinning engagement rings?  What do you think to these?  Do you prefer something more traditional? xx