Wedding Dress Wednesday | Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell Madison Silk Tulle 'Madison' Source:

This week we got our inspiration by trawling our favourite social media channels to find out what real brides today are pinning, liking, filtering and tweeting.

After a lot of ooooing and ahhhing the one name that kept coming up time and time again was Australian bridal designer Anna Campbell (we can now see why after checking out all the collections on her website).

We were hard pressed to pick just one dress, however we thought you all needed some sunshine following the clocks going back last weekend, which is why we picked a beautiful stunning silk tulle dress called ‘Madison’ from her ‘Spirit’ collection (photoshoot taken on a beach in case you wonder where we got the sunshine bit from!).

Anna Campbell Madison Silk Tulle
‘Madison’ Source:

The unique beaded detail on the back is intricate, pretty and mesmerising, whilst the front is delicate, flattering and unique.  So with that in mind it’s what we call a ‘360 dress’, meaning whatever side, angle or view you look at it from, it’s equally as beautiful (you heard the phrase here first!)


Anna Campbell Madison Silk Tulle Front
Anna Campbell Madison Silk Tulle Back

You can’t help but respect the beading work and design that’s gone into this dress and it sits perfectly alongside the soft floating tulle of the skirt. Happy pinning people!

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