Bridal Designer | An Interview With Hannah Ollichon

We first discovered House of Ollichon on Twitter and with one look at the beautiful website we were obsessed.  As soon as we read more about the brand and how it came to be we had a genuine, “this is genius” moment.

HoO Main Brand ImageThe idea behind the label was dreamt up by owner, Hannah Ollichon who had her own, ‘big wedding’ in France, complete with THE dress but found it a struggle to find something stylish to wear  in the UK for the registry service to legalise the marriage. And so the idea for the first dress-less bridal collection offering brides and bridesmaids a range of luxury jumpsuits, playsuits and combos all handmade in England was born.

We were intrigued to know what was it that made Hannah realise she just had to take the plunge and launch her own bridal collection? It is after all, such a scary (but exciting) thing to do to make a dream a reality; ‘Gosh it was such a combination of aspects. After eight very hectic years working in the city and travelling the world I was naturally at the end of the road and I wanted to do something that I truly, unquestionably loved instead. I knew I wanted to work for myself so that in the future, if and when we have a family I could blend two worlds but as many of you know, starting your own business takes time and determination so I wanted to get the ball rolling. I also felt with the unique but niche idea of bridal jumpsuits, I needed to move fast before someone else beat me to it! Then while we were driving in France my wonderfully supportive husband told me, ‘Just do it my love, just do it’, so I did.’ 

One great piece of advice Hannah has for anyone wanting to start their own business is something she was once told; ‘Don’t have a plan B, forget plan B. You need to fully, completely believe in plan A, else it won’t work’.  This could be true for so many things and totally resonated with us. It definitely stuck with Hannah too; ‘I am such an all or nothing person and it was quite a relief as I never had a plan B!’ With such a stunning first collection and House of Ollichon already gaining great recognition in the bridal industry (such as an Official Rock My Wedding Supplier and Rock n Roll Bride approved Rockstar Vendor), we think her “Plan A” was definitely a good one!

All of the women in Hannah’s life have helped to shape the collection; “The designs were created to provide something for everyone. It could be the girl who wears a big dress during the day but wants something more comfy for the evening, a registry office ceremony for a low key celebration; one option is geared towards the mother of the bride. I’m hoping the gay community will like the idea plus the combo range is perfect for bridesmaids; mix and matchpieces which offer 16 different outfit options.” 

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Hannah has always been a fan of fashion and growing up loved to customise her own clothes. A self-confessed ‘hippy at heart’ she had a real ‘obsession‘ with maxi skirts. ‘At that time there was none of this style in the shops and if there was, there was no way I could afford them. So I’d buy old jeans from charity shops and turn them into denim maxi skirts, it was my favourite thing to do at 20 years old!’.  Something we at W&B would do too!

However, it’s not the denim maxi skirts that hold a special place in her heart…

Hannah's fave shoes
Hannah’s fave shoes

…Hannah’s favourite item in her wardrobe is a beautiful pair of white and tan peep toe shoes from Italy, ‘My hubs bought them for me on holiday and every time I wear them they make me so happy’

There’s no denying the fact that Brides are getting more adventurous with their wedding day style and bridal jumpsuits and combos are certainly on the rise, but what does Hannah see becoming more of a trend in the next couple of years?; ‘We noticed a few skirt-over-trouser designs from London Fashion Week,  I’m personally not a fan as I’d like to think you could decide between the two! It’s a bit of a talking point in the HoO team at the mo as some of the girls love the idea! Definitely worth the debate!’ (A debate we agree upon  – Check out our Metallic fashion feature here where we called out trouser and skirt combinations as one to watch.)

And do any particular style icons stand out who would make a perfect House of Ollichion Bride?; ‘There are thousands! But the number one choice has to be Princess Di, she bucked tradition, had grace and class, was a world-wide fashion icon plus she loved an 80s jumpsuit. I think the Linford would’ve looked lovely on her. Maybe I should rename it to ‘Spencer’. 

The Linford | House of Ollichon
The Linford | House of Ollichon

House of Ollichon is still a very new business, but Hannah has great aspirations for the future (a ruthless Plan A); ‘I would absolutely love HoO to become the ‘go-to’ for bridal jumpsuits. You know, those chats you overhear on the tube;

“I’d love to wear trousers for my wedding”

“Oh have you heard of House of Ollichon, you should definitely have a look”…. This would be wonderful!

‘It would be a dream come true as well to be considered for the ‘Best New Bridal Brand’ at one of the wedding show awards, maybe a little optimistic at this stage!’

Launching a new business is tough but Hannah has found exercising to be her saviour and a way to chill out and relax; ‘It’s the only chunk of the day when I don’t think! And you truly need that brain pause. Other than that, friends, wine and dog walking! All wonderful for the soul!’.  And the one thing she can’t live without? ‘At the moment the HoO team! I would not be at this stage, right now without them. They are all fabulous and have saved me from many moments of stress and despair!…. 

‘…On a lighter note; sunshine, mascara, cheese and wine!’ – a lady after our own hearts!

Ooooh, and we just had to feature the picture of Hannah in one of her early creations!  Thanks Hannah 😉IMG_9862-2

Get more information about House of Ollichon and view the stunning collection here

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