Our Favourite TV Brides | Greatest Looks From The Small Screen

Our round-up of our favourite movie Brides proved to be a popular post, so we thought, ‘why not do one for TV too?’ and being children of the 80’s, what’s the first TV wedding we think of? Well of course –  it’s Scott and Charlene from Neighbours!

After an initial rocky start (when Scott mistakes Charlene for an intruder) the two fall in love, and even though they face the opposition of their two feuding families the Ramsays and the Robinsons (who knew an Australian soap could be so Shakespearean!),  the young couple tied the knot in 1988. I’m convinced it’s the first TV wedding (or any wedding for that matter) I ever saw! Apparently the ballad “Suddenly”  by Angry Anderson, which is played over the ceremony, was actually called out by Kylie Minogue (Charlene) as the song she’d want played at her own ‘real’ wedding!… I also tried to convince my husband to play it at some point at our wedding… he said ‘no’….. (spoil-sport!)

Scott & Charlene's Wedding: Neighbours: Source: News.com.au
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding | Neighbours: Source: News.com.au

A Saturday morning TV favourite growing up was none other than ‘Saved By The Bell”  and the couple everyone rooted for was Zac and Kelly.  In 1994, the finale of Saved By The Bell: The College Years saw the childhood sweethearts finally tie the knot in Las Vegas.  The styling of both the Bride & Groom just screams the 90’s! (Why did we all HAVE to have two bits of hair hanging down our faces, no matter what the hairstyle!)

Zac & Kelly's Wedding: Saved By The Bell: Source: Brides.com
Zac & Kelly’s Wedding| Saved By The Bell |Source: Brides.com

THE TV show of the 90’s was Friends, and the show provided many a wedding dress moment. From Rachel’s huge 90’s ballgown in the series opener; to Monica’s simple trumpet shape gown; to Phoebe’s traditional winter wedding; … Who can forget the episode where the three girls bought dresses (no weddings planned) just to hang out in the apartment!

The Wedding Dresses from Friends: Source: All images Brides.com
The Wedding Dresses from Friends| Source: All images Brides.com

Both Kate and I LOVED Sex & The City and would binge watch episode after episode before binge watching was actually even a thing (I was very lucky to have the ‘shoe box’ DVD collection! Remember that?). Our favourite wedding dress? The one Charlotte wore to marry Harry. The off-the-shoulder slim-fitting  Badly Mischka dress with subtle embroidery was elegant, timeless and classy – just like Charlotte herself.

Charlotte's Wedding Dress | Sex and the City | Source: Brides.com
Charlotte’s Wedding Dress | Sex and the City | Source: Brides.com

A show I wish I watched more (just for the fashion alone) was Gossip Girl (think this now may well become a secret ‘Catch Up’ series while my husband’s out!).  I mean just look at this AMA-ZING blue, embroidered Elie Saab dress worn by the character Blair!  I love the turquoise earrings paired with it too.

Blair's Wedding Dress | Gossip Girl | Source: Style.MTV.com
Blair’s Wedding Dress | Gossip Girl | Source: Style.MTV.com
Serena's Wedding Dress | Gossip Girl | Source: Pinterest
Serena’s Wedding Dress | Gossip Girl | Source: Pinterest

And another reason to watch Gossip Girl is to see this stunning Georges Chakra gown. Check out the metallic gold detailing –  It’s like the 80’s meets the 00’s! I reckon this would be amazing at a winter wedding!

And finally…

…The best advice for any Bride is that you’ll look your most beautiful and be the most comfortable if you stay true to your personal style.  And the Bride who really embraced this? … Alice from the British 90’s comedy, The Vicar of Dibley.   Wow! Just wow…..

Alice & Hugo Wedding | The Vicar of Dibley | Source: Pinterest
Alice & Hugo Wedding | The Vicar of Dibley | Source: Pinterest

Whisper and BlushDo you have a favourite TV bride?

Melissa xxx