Bridal Beauty | Do It Yourself ?

You may enjoy doing makeup so much that you want to do it yourself. Or, you could be terrified of the thought of messing up that you just have to leave your face (quite literally) in the hands of a professional.  Either way, whether or not you choose to do your own wedding makeup is down to you.

Me personally, I love makeup.  I probably put as much effort into thinking about my wedding makeup as I did choosing my dress. I’m not a professional makeup artist by any stretch, but I have spent time working for a few beauty brands and have some level of training and experience, so deciding whether to do it myself or book a Makeup Artist took a lot ( I mean a lot) of deliberation.

As much as I did fancy the excuse to purchase new products (like I need an excuse), in the end I opted to book a professional.  My reasons were:

  1. I liked the idea of being pampered: My wedding day was the one day of my life when I could live the A-list lifestyle with my own Glam-Squad!
  2. I didn’t want to feel rushed for time: Makeup Artists know exactly what they are doing and are skilled at sticking to a time schedule when there are multiple people to get ready.
  3. I wanted to be prepared for anything: I figured if I were to wake up on the morning of my wedding with a huge spot/allergic reaction/dark circles/rash; my makeup artist would have a whole arsenal of products to deal with said problem.  I didn’t fancy shelling out on the “what ifs” myself.
  4. I was scared of mistakes: I consider myself to be pretty good with makeup, but I’m still prone to the odd f*ck up.  You know the issues –  uneven eyeliner, smudged mascara, wonky lipline… I dreaded the thought of mucking up, getting all hot and flustered as I tried to fix the problem – then having to start again on blotchy skin feeling all panicked!
  5. I could afford one: Luckily I was in the fortunate position where I could afford a makeup artist and we had budgeted for one.

There are plenty of people who decide that a makeup artist isn’t for them and want to do their makeup themselves, however, it’s worth bearing in mind:

1. Don’t use this as the time to experiment: Yes, a glittery smoky purple eye can look awesome. Just perhaps not on your wedding day when you want to look timeless. Keep the bold, fun looks for other occasions.  For your wedding, stay you! (But the most beautiful version of you!)

2. Get advice: It never hurts to get some extra advice and ideas, no matter how confident you are in your own skills.  There are hundreds of tutorials for wedding makeup on YouTube to watch and pick up some tips and recommendations (I’ve listed some of our faves below). It might also be good to visit some makeup counters and have a makeover. Not only can you buy some new products for the big day, you may learn some new skills.  The only watch out to this is that the skills of those who work on the counters can vary widely. We’ve found that Mac, Bobbie Brown and Illamasqua offer the best services.

3. Layer, Layer, Layer: The top trick for making makeup last is to use little product at a time and keep building up layers. Make sure to properly prime your skin so it’s hydrated and dewy so your makeup can glide on smoothly.  Use primers on your face, lips and eyes so your make up has something to stick to and lasts all day. As a finishing touch I swear by the Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray which makes my makeup last right up until I’m ready to take it off.

4. Don’t go overboard, but wear more makeup than the ‘natural’ look: Bridal makeup is all about getting the right balance between looking natural and looking glamorous. A mistake a number of people make is not to wear enough makeup.  Yes, in every day real life you might not wear foundation. On your wedding day you really should so that your skin looks even and shine-free in photographs.  You might think fake lashes are a bit TOWIE, but putting on some subtle individual lashes will really bring attention to your eyes and help them to stand out in pictures. My advice when looking for bridal makeup ideas (especially if you’re not in to makeup)is to look at pictures of celebrities on the red carpet. But not their evening events.  No.  Have a look at what they wear to daytime events such as luncheons and charity days. This makeup has been done with photography in mind (they want to be papped) but isn’t as full on as their evening looks.

Favourite Bridal Makeup Tutorials on YouTube:

  1. Lisa Eldridge

2.  Charlotte Tilbury:

3.Sona Gasparian

4. Jaclyn Hill

5. BeautybyJJ

Whisper and BlushHope you found this useful.  Are you going to do your own makeup or leave it in the hands of a professional? Melissa xxx