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what bra to wear with a backless wedding dress xx

You want your wedding lingerie to serve two purposes: Look beautiful, but more crucially, work well with the style of wedding dress that you wear.  The biggest dilemma can be what bra to choose as you don’t want any staps and fastenings showing.   We have pulled together a handy bra guide depending on the style of wedding dress you choose.

“What bra do I wear with a strapless wedding dress?”…

There’s no need to worry about strapless bras anymore and the fear that they offer no support or that you’ll need to keep hoisting them up!

I have very narrow shoulders in comparison to my frame and so wear strapless bras 99% of the time to avoid the dreaded “strap slip”!  So confident am I in this bra that it’s the only one I am recommending!  I wear it practically every single day. (The style, I have more than one!)

Wonderbra what bra to wear with a strapless wedding dress
Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Push-Up Bandeau Bra

“What bra do I wear with a backless wedding dress?”…

If you can go braless then this is often the best option for backless or low-back wedding dresses.  It might seem daunting but the bodice of wedding dresses are very supportive and your seamstress can work magic.  However, if you need a bit of support for your low-back wedding dress, stick on bras are the way to go.  We promise they have come on leaps and bounds and stay put all day!  I have used these by Fashion Forms and can highly recommend!

Left to right: Fashion Form Lusion Backless Strapless Stick On BraFashion Forms U Plunge Backless And Strapless Stick On Bra

What bra do I wear with a low-cut wedding dress?

The wedding trend for plunging necklines continues and this is often the style that most women are unsure of what to wear underneath.  The answer? Either a plunging bodysuit or a plunge bra.

Left to right: Fashion Forms – U-plunge Self-adhesive Backless Thong Bodysuit | Fashion Forms – U-plunge Self-adhesive Backless Strapless Bra

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