Bridal Trend | Statement backs

Rosa Clara Statement Back

There are so many styles of wedding dress and it can be daunting stepping into the wedding dress world without an idea of what you want your focus to be on.  Whether that’s a low neckline, three-quarter length, silhouette or  classic, all of these can be achieved but usually to the detriment of something else, so our focus today is on ‘statement backs’.

They have become ever more popular, particularly over the past two years, and the beauty of them is you can choose pretty much any shape of dress and still rock it with a statement back (I turned a lot of dresses down that didn’t have the right back!)

Nowadays it’s not just about the overall look, you hear plenty of people comment on how beautiful the back of a dress is, plus it’s a major focal point during the ceremony as for most of it you have your back to the crowd so you want it to look good!

So here is our best of the rest on statement backs…

Rosa Clara Statement Back
Image: Rosa Clara website        Style: Demos 2016
Berta Statement Back
Image: Berta website          Style: 16-04 Spring Summer 2016


Eugenia Couture Statement Backs
Image: Eugenia Couture website       Style: Harmony
Kelly Faetanini Statement Back
Image: Kelly Faetanini website       Collection: Fall 2016

Let us know what you think or if you are considering having your own ‘statement back’.

Whisper and Blush Kate xx