Red Carpet to Aisle | The BAFTAs 2016

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I’ll be honest…I was a little disappointed at many of the fashion choices at last nights BAFTAs 2016. I watched it live (on TV I hasten to add) and I was waiting for that perfect fashion moment but it never came, in fact my favourite ‘best dressed’ was probably Leonardo DiCaprio, who looked very suave and sophisticated in a just off blue suit, and I’ve never been a big Leo fan (think circa 1990 in Romeo and Juliet and Titanic when everyone was swooning!)

Leonardo DiCaprio at the BAFTAs 2016
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It was definitely the Titanic duo that stole the show though, Leo won Best Actor for ‘The Revenant’ (it’s about time he was recognised) and Kate won Best Supporting Actress for her role in ‘Steve Jobs’.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio at BAFTAs 2016
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You can’t really see her dress properly in the shot above (see below instead) but she was one of my favourites, she always looks so classy and well put together but at the same time she always looks comfortable and confident in herself which I think shines through the most.

It’s the same as when you are picking your wedding gown, however glamorous you think the gown may look, if you’re not comfortable in it (whether that’s eating, drinking or dancing) it will show all over your face!  Love and embrace your wedding gown and always arrive with confidence (when I shopped for my dress I actually did a little dance in the shop to make sure I could move and sat down as if I was sat at the dinner table!).


Kate Winslet BAFTAs 2016
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Unlike the SAG Awards two weeks ago when blue shone out as the colour of the night, last nights BAFTAs gowns were primarily black, white and red, here are our favourites…

It was a bit chilly last night in London so it’s no surprise that we saw quite a few long sleeved gowns, which reminded us of some of the current 2016 long sleeved gowns…

Next up on the Red Carpet to Aisle series will be the coveted Academy Awards – now as that’s in California I doubt there will be many long sleeved options there! Look forward to sharing our best looks with you then!

Happy Monday!

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