Skincare For Dry Skin | Skyn Iceland Review

Skyn Iceland

The last few months I have found my skin to be really dry (as mentioned in this post).  There’s been flaking around my forehead and my nose.  My foundation clung to the dry areas and didn’t sink into the skin making for a very obvious mask effect rather than the subtle ‘my skin but better‘ look I was hoping for. After trawling the internet for reviews on the best solution I found myself visiting the Skyn ICELAND counter in M&S.

I was attracted to the brand as their philosophy is about creating skincare that alleviates the effects of stress on the skin. Stress can be reflected through accelerated ageing; adult acne; irritations; dullness and dryness. Being in the early stages of pregnancy I also loved the fact that all of their products are free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and sulphates. They also don’t test on animals, they’re 100% vegan and they favour recyclable packaging.

My chosen products were the Arctic Face Oil; the Pure Cloud Cream and the Pure Cloud Cleanser.

Arctic Face Oil: £30 for 30ml

It’s composed of 99.9% Camelina Oil which comes from the Camelina Stavia plant which thrives in sub-zero temperatures and has a unique composition of 9 Essential Fatty Acids. A natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it also soothes, calms and protects skin. I found this to be a really lightweight oil, quickly absorbed into the skin, which I used twice a day underneath the Pure Cloud Cream moisturiser. It certainly settled any redness I had from the sore dry skin and made my skin feel more comfortable. As the ingredients were so natural I also took it around the eye area and had no issues with irritation or puffiness.  In fact, it stopped my concealer creasing in fine lines –winning!

Pure Cloud Cream: £41 for 50g

This has been formulated specifically to reverse the effects of extreme weather-both hot and cold to rapidly hydrate, replenish and nourish the skin.  It contains Oat extract, a natural anti-irritant, to reduce skin discomfort; Aloe extract to moisturise and help heal irritated, stressed skin; Almond oil – rich in vitamins A, B and E, to provide intense hydration as well as a mix of  Arctic Cloudberry and Cranberry Seed Oils “super fruits of the Arctic” rich in Omega Fatty Acids, vitamins and potent antioxidants as well as Pure Molecular Oxygen which delivers energy into skin’s deepest layers to bring back a youthful glow (Or so the product descriptors say…)

I was really impressed with this moisturiser.  It has an unusual texture, a bit like a mousse and a light scent.  I can’t tell whether it smells floral or fruity but it certainly isn’t unpleasant.  It is a thick moisturiser (hence why it is a ‘cream’ rather than a ‘lotion’) but melted into the skin really easily.

Pure Cloud Cleanser : £22.50 for 100ml

This is billed as a gentle everyday cleanser for dry, irritable skin.  It is designed to “flood your complexion with replenishing extracts and natural moisturisers.

While I loved the other two products I tried, this was a bit ‘so-so’  in my eyes.  It didn’t dry out my skin or cause irritation and it did remove my make up (although I use an oil first for eye makeup) –  but for the price point I don’t think it’ s worth it as there are cheaper cleansers that deliver the same results.

OVERALL: The Arctic Oil and the Pure Cloud Cream  worked really well and lasted around 4 months with daily use.  They did what they said on the packaging and took my skin from dry and sore to ‘normal’. I was really impressed. 

BUY AGAIN?: I love the simple packaging and the philosophy behind the brand. While on the slightly expensive side, I don’t mind if something delivers and the cream and the oil certainly did. I would not buy the cleanser again as I find Cetaphil at less than a tenner to have the same effect. Would I buy the other two products again?  The oil – yes  – as I feel this is a great product to use as a serum under my moisturiser. As my skin is back to ‘normal’ I can use it every other day or just in the evenings.  As for the Pure Cloud Cream – yes I’d buy again.  But probably in the winter or if my skin dries out significantly,at the moment I probably don’t need anything so ‘hardcore’.

Logo Have you tried Skyn ICELAND products?  Any recommendations or favourites from the range?  

Melissa xx