Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes | Worth the Hype?

It seems every YouTuber and their dog have reviewed a Morphe eyeshadow palette.  And for the most part, the reviews are the same.  A wipe of a finger across the pan; gasps at how pigmented the products are, followed by declarations of love.

Being a complete beauty junkie I was sucked in and added Morphe to my list of things to try.  But alas… I just don’t get it.

It is worth pointing out that you get 35 eyeshadows for £18.25. That’s around 52p an eyeshadow!  If I saw a 50p eyeshadow in a shop I would not have high hopes for it (to be honest, I probably wouldn’t even try it) but because so many people have sung the praises of these palettes I expected great things.

Probably the most hyped about of the Morphe palettes is the 35O. But me being me, I decided to go for the 35S. My thought process behind this was that I have enough neutral palettes and I wanted to be able to experiment with colour.  I figured there were enough natural shades in the palette to pull off everyday work appropriate looks, but with pops of bright colour to play with when I wanted something a little different.


Overall: To properly test the product I used only the eyeshadows from the 35s palette for 2 weeks – I did not allow myself to swap in any of my other eyeshadows.  I found this really challenging as the first thing that became apparent was the lack of transition colours to blend into the crease. I like to use a matte shadow to do this and add some depth to my eyes.  But with this palette, the colours were either too dark, or too shimmery.  I also noticed that even after using a primer (MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot) the shadows would fade by the afternoon (probably only 4 -5  hours wear).

The shimmery colours in the palette definitely perform better than the matte colours.  The matte colours are quite chalky and take a lot of effort to blend. You have to work really hard to stop them looking patchy.  The shimmer shades however are much more pigmented; have a more buttery texture; and blend out well.  In fact, the only 4 shades I actually semi rate and can see myself using (v. occasionally) are shimmery ones.

Buy Again? I’m glad I gave it a go to see what the fuss was about.  Maybe it was down to the fact I chose the wrong palette from the range, but I’d have to take a lot of convincing to buy another one.  Okay it was cheap so there was never going to be fancy packaging; and at 52p a shadow they were never going to be made from high-performing ingredients; but as I said before, because of the online hype I was disappointed.  If you want “cheap” eyeshadows then Makeup Revolution, Sleek or my personal fave, Makeup Geek are much better options. This will probably gather dust at the back of my make up drawer. *sigh*



Whisper and BlushHave you tried these palettes? Which ones do you have?  Do you rate them?  Is there anything in the range we should check out?  Did I just pick a dud?

Melissa xx