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Bobbie Brown covent garden store

We were lucky enough to be invited along to the gorgeous Bobbi Brown Covent Garden store in London to be treated to their signature Bridal Beauty Makeup lesson to learn lots of hints and tips for creating big day bridal looks.

Feeling that you look good is a great step to making sure you feel confident and comfortable which is so important on your big day. You want to look and feel like you, only the best version possible.  Bobbi Brown built her name in makeup artistry creating natural, everyday looks which were a long way from the red lips, bright eyes and heavily contoured cheeks of the eighties. Her ethos was, and is, about creating a classic, “me but prettier” look – perfect for Brides (or anyone for that matter).


Bobbie Brown makeup for brides used during the bridal makeup lesson

The makeover starts with the consultant asking you about your current skincare routine and the type of makeup you already wear before deciding upon a look and pulling together the products that you’ll need. Rather handily everything is recorded in your own personalised face chart so you can remember exactly what was applied and how.

Bobbie Brown makeup for bridal makeover

Kate During

Bobbie Brown makeup for brides used during the bridal makeup lesson


So I am someone that doesn’t wear a lot of makeup day to day and although I enjoy getting dressed up I hate feeling like I have a mask on!  I like my skin to feel exactly that…like my skin – I want it to breathe!

I remember when I got married I was adamant that I still wanted to look like me, but a fabulously looking me! It was important that I felt like myself so I gave my Bobbi Brown consultant that exact brief, so I am coming from the angle of a girl who doesn’t wear much make-up (and have done the same thing for years!) and I didn’t want to feel like someone else.

She was really great at talking me through each step and in order for me to learn (I never study makeup tips, unlike Melissa who is great at it!) she asked me what I thought of each colour and got me to guess what I should be using.  This was great if you use the lesson as a guide and you are doing your own makeup on your wedding day – although I would advise that if you are doing this then take A LOT of notes!

After Kate 1

Top Bridal Makeup Tip I Learnt: I was really happy with my results but I will say that I would definitely recommend a trial to anyone who is unsure about what look they want, or like me if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, it’s important to  experiment before the big day.  I probably would of toned down my look slightly as I felt I had a lot of ‘stuff’ on but she definitely got my colouring right and a more natural look spot on! Looking back at the photos though I wouldn’t have chosen a glossy lip!

Oooooo I have just remembered another great tip…she said to ensure your skin is properly hydrated for at least a month prior to the big day to ensure the best glowing results!

Favourite Product/s Used: The gel ink eye liner in ‘wine’ colour. I would always go black but this was a beautiful chocolatey red wine shade! It also didn’t budge even when I tried to remove it in the evening!

Recommend? : To constantly ask questions of your consultant! If you are a novice like me it was interesting learning new ideas and techniques, you have an hour so don’t be afraid to use it wisely. If it was actually my bridal trial I would also take in images or your Pinterest to ensure she really understands what look you are after.  Sometimes when you are sitting in the chair surrounded by lovely things it’s easier to be swayed. A photo tells a 1,000 words!

After Kate 2


I feel fairly confident with makeup, I’m no, “pro” by any stretch of the imagination, but I am a self-confessed beauty junkie and have in the past worked as a Counter Manager for a beauty brand so have some level of “skill”.  While I like to play around with different looks (a winged liner here, a red lip there, coloured eyeliner…etc) I do believe bridal beauty should be there to enhance and not to mask (a philosophy that Bobbi Brown stands for). My husband prefers my *ahem* “natural look” (although he is well aware this takes at least 20mins to create!) so for my real wedding makeup, and for the sake of this makeover, we opted for a classic look with perfected skin, a pretty blush and attention drawn to my eyes.

After mel 3

Top Bridal Makeup Tip I Learnt: Most people have more of a tan on their body than on their face so it’s important to take your bronzer down on your neck, décolletage and ears so your skin tone looks even in photographs.  This is particularly important if you’re wearing your hair up or have a strapless gown.

Favourite Product/s Used:  I was blown away by the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque.  The peach undertone really knocked the grey out of my dark circles (I’d only had 4 hours sleep!) and instantly lifted and brightened the under eye area.

While I’ve used it in the past, I’d forgotten how amazing the Long-wear Gel Eyeliner is.  It glides on smoothly making it a lot easier to pull off a feline flick and really doesn’t budge until you want it to. I know Kate had issues getting it off, but as someone who regularly wears long-wearing makeup, I always use an oil to remove my makeup before going in with a cleanse.  Doing this meant the eyeliner came off with no issues – so that’s a top tip for make up newbies!

After Mel 2

Recommend? : I was so impressed with the depth that the consultants went to, explaining each of the products, how to use them and giving tips along the way about what works well in photos (for example avoiding anything that will flash back and create a ghostly look). Even if you’re confident with makeup I’d recommend the service to Brides who are opting to do their own big day looks as its a great way of discovering new products and stocking up. I really liked the look that was created, the only thing I would have changed if I was recreating this myself would be to add some falsies.But that’s personal preference. And the fact I have stubby lashes 😉


Whisper and Blush  Melissa & Kate xx

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