And The Guest Wore… | What To Wear To A Wedding

The sun is finally coming out (at least at the time of writing!) and everyone seems to be getting that exited buzz that summer may be upon us.  Which means, ‘Yey!’ to warmer weather and ‘Hello’ to wedding season.

We’ve seen an increase in the last few days of searches for wedding guest outfits on our blog, which must show that it’s time to get shopping and planning the perfect wedding guest look. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions around what to wear to a wedding as well as pulling together some of our favourite looks for you to go and try out.

Can I wear white to a wedding?

No. Right, next question… Seriously though, we’re all about expressing your individuality and embracing your own personal style but we still both hold the view that white (or anything pale enough in colour you have to ask, ‘could this look white?’) is for the Bride.

It may be that the bride isn’t opting for white herself, maybe she’s wearing colour or print, however, even if this is the case we’d recommend that you check with her before deciding that it’s okay. There will always be other guests (both old and young) who will comment on the inappropriateness of a guest in white – you have been warned…

Can I wear black to a wedding?…

Depends.  As with white, black is a colour steered away from traditionally for weddings given its link to funeral attire. Personally given the hundreds of other colours to choose from, we wouldn’t opt for black, especially for a summer wedding.  However, for many people black is a ‘safety’ colour so if you choose to wear it, then go for a pop of colour to brighten the look. Choose bright accessories, or a bold lipstick to stand out in the crowd.  Or consider wearing navy, grey or a dark taupe instead.

Should I wear a hat?…

… Up to you. Hats and fascinators were really popular a few years ago amongst all ages at weddings (not just the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom). However, we have noticed a drop in popularity recently.  It’s totally unscientific but we recently polled our Whisper & Blush Twitter followers and only 15% would wear a hat to a wedding, 48% felt they were a little old-fashioned and 37% said it would depend on their mood. The two things we’d say  to consider when deciding on whether you’re going to rock a headpiece are; 1) Do you want to?  and 2), Is it that sort of wedding?

In terms of, is it that sort of wedding?  By this we mean is it a formal affair?  It goes without saying that if you were to receive an invite to a Royal wedding a hat would be a non-negotiable.  But for 99.9% of us, that’s not something we need to worry about. With barns, warehouse spaces, pubs and hotels becoming the wedding venue of choice so many couples are opting for a relaxed party-vibe affair, that hats just aren’t necessary.  However, if the wedding seems more formal and is at a church or stately home, then a hat may be a consideration.

Some people feel that weddings are the only occasion we have now to wear one and totally embrace the opportunity.    Basically, if you want to wear a hat then go for it! As we’ve said before it’s great to express your personal sense of style and an amazing hat will certainly do just that.

Wedding Guest Outfit Picks:

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