Be Prepared For Anything | The Wedding Survival Kit

Bridal Survival Kit

The morning of your wedding should be relaxed, stress-free and fun.  All of the planning and handwork is out of the way, so all you need to do now is be pampered, primped, polished and ready for your big day.

However, it never hurts for you (or your bridesmaids) to be prepared for the unexpected little moments so we’ve pulled together the ultimate “Wedding Day Survival Kit”. Think of it as a first aid kit for mini “emergencies”.

For the beauty emergency:

Dark circles and puffy eyes…

… It’s quite likely that you won’t get a full 8+ hours of sleep the night before your wedding given the excitement levels.  However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend the day looking tired.  Putting a hydrating eye mask on under your eyes for 10 – 15 mins will really help to reduce bagginess, brighten the eyes and prime the under-eye area for the magic of concealer.  We love the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels for more wide awake eyes. A great alternative is also to chill a couple of teaspoons in a freezer and then press the back of them gently against the area to wake yourself up and reduce puffiness.

Bridal Survival Kit

Spots and pimples…

… No bride (or groom for that matter) wants to wake up with a spot, but sods law dictates these things will crop up at the most inconsiderate of moments. However, never let a pimple ruin your big day! If you feel one of the pesky things throbbing the day before then dab some Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream onto the area and this should stop it from getting too large and sometimes even stop it in its tracks entirely.

On the morning of your wedding you can turn to the trusty frozen teaspoon again.  Just take it out of the freezer for a few minutes, hold it over spot and and the cold will contract the blood vessels under the skin so the redness will reduce. You or your makeup artist can then conceal the blemish with concealer and powder.  It might be worth asking a member of your wedding party to keep some oil blotting sheets and some powder in their handbag for touch ups.



Botched manicure…

 I’m incapable of not smudging a manicure or chipping my nail varnish.  In fact, unless I have gels or shellac, there’s no way varnish alone will last on my nails for more than a day! For big occasions like a wedding, it’s worth having a professional mani/pedi and investing in long-wearing treatments. But even so, always pack a nail file and some matching nail polish just in case! A touch up with a clear top coat will help your nails look glossy in the morning and can also be used to catch any runs in stockings or tights!

To ensure you and your guests can party the night away:

Ease sore feet…

… One of the best tips to prevent sore feet is to make sure you break your shoes in.  This is just as true of bridal shoes as it is for anyone attending a wedding who plans to party the night away.  In advance of the wedding put on a couple of pairs of socks (three if you can) and then stuff your feet into the shoes (this won’t look pretty!).  Then get out your hairdryer and blast away for a few minutes concentrating on the areas that really pinch.  As you do this flex and stretch your toes.  Then, keep your shoes on while they cool and practice walking around. After about 10 minutes, take off the socks and see if the shoes feel more comfortable.  They should have gently stretched so won’t be as likely to pinch.  You may want to do this a couple more times over a few days if they’re particularly stubborn.

Even if you put in prep work it’s worth keeping some blister plasters with you just in case.  When I was planning my wedding I knew my friends loved to dance, so I provided a basket of flip-flops in the ladies toilets later on in the night for guest to help themselves to so there was never any danger of the dance floor being empty!


For the fashion emergency:

We’d recommend having a lint roller on hand, a stain stick such as the Vanish Stain Bar, a few safety pins and a mini-sewing kit. That way you’re all prepared for rogue bits of fluff, loose threads and a fallen hem. It might also be worth taking some fashion tape so there’s no danger of nip-slip!

The “miracle worker”:

One product definitely worth taking with you would be good old Alka-Seltzer, you can use this for so many things other than just hangovers (although, it’s worth having some ready for the morning after for exactly that reason!). You can drop a couple of tablets into a glass of water and then using cotton wool; dab it on to cuts, stings and spots to soothe the skin. You can also dissolve a few tablets and soak your feet and hands to whiten nails, or even soak your engagement ring in it for up to 10 minutes to make it sparkle! (Just don’t do this on soft gemstones like opals and pearls!).



The Wedding Survival Kit:

Eye Mask or teaspoons

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream

Oil Blotting Sheets

Nail File

Nail Polish & Clear Top Coat

Blister Plasters

Lint Roller

Stain Bar

Safety Pins

Mini Sewing Kit

Fashion Tape


Invite featured is by Flourish & Lace who we have blogged about here.


Bridal Survival Kit


Whisper and Blush  Hope you found this useful? Melissa  xx

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