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Carolina Herrera Spring 2017

Okay, so it’s obvious isn’t it? ¬†I chose this dress purely for the back…I love it! It’s modern, flirty (in a non tacky way) and oh so feminine.

From the back it’s a statement dress that says ‘it’s 2016/17 get with the programme’ yet from the front its timeless elegance seems to say ‘I can do traditional but with a modern twist’.

Carolina Herrera Spring 2017
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It’s called ‘Ansel’ and graces the pages of Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2017 collection, which she says was ‘inspired by the women of today’ and yet again she has nailed it! The collection included 3D florals, blush organza and even her trademark crisp white shirt made an appearance in one floor length cotton design.

I love how this dress is not just about the back though and it would of been easy to make it in the same coloured silk, but no this dress also has the subtle strips of ivory elegance melted within its charm.

Having grown up in Venezuela, Carolina¬†says ‘my eye was accustomed to see beautiful things’ and we can’t say we disagree. If you have ever seen any of her runway shows (on TV that is as we wish we had a pass to the front row!), she always seems to capture women’s hearts by designing with confidence in mind. None of her designs are so out there that you would need to be uber brave to even consider them, they instead make you want to slip them on and look stunning in your own right and on your terms!

She introduced her first bridal collection in 1987, following her successful venture into bridal by designing Caroline Kennedy’s wedding gown the year before. Her rise to fashion stardom is one of fairytales (although she clearly works extremely hard) and make no mistake it wasn’t by accident!

She has now owned nearly every facet of the fashion world with bridal, evening gowns, casual wear, fragrance (for men and women I may add), a New York boutique and eyewear to her name.

I just have one question…how does she keep those white trademark shirts of hers so crisp and crease free?!

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