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Scent and fragrance are so important to me.  I love the way a smell can take you back in time and bring back memories.  For me some of the most evocative smells are a certain fabric softener on soft towels after a day in the sun which takes me back to a childhood holiday; Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia which I wore on my own wedding day; and freshly cut Jasmine which transports me back to my honeymoon in Bali.  With scent able to evoke memories in this way, it’s no wonder brides- to -be are in increasingly looking for the perfect fragrance to wear for their wedding.

But why stop at perfume?  Why not create a special fragrance and ambiance for the wedding venue? Kate Middleton not only perfumed the whole of Westminster Abbey but gave the same fragranced candles to guests too. Many brides are now following in her stylish footsteps, finding their own scent to mark the moment, through scented candles.
I recently attended a wedding where a bride had done just this.  The wedding was in the Cotswolds and Cotswold Lavender is a special place for the couple. Not only did sprigs of lavender appear in the beautiful floral displays and bouquets, the bride had worked with luxury scented candles makers, Tussie Mussie to create  bespoke lavender candles for the big day using selected oils from the lavender farm. The candles were used around the venue and guests were lucky enough to be gifted the candles as wedding favours.
Tussie Mussie produces luxury, scented candles that are hand poured in small batches. As a self-confessed candle addict, (I have a whole basket of scented candles ready for any occasion!) I’d heard of Tussie Mussie but had not until now, had the pleasure of smelling any of their creations. They have a belief that candles and fragrances should be as natural as possible, which is why they only use the finest essential oils in their fragrances, their wax is natural and sustainable and the wicks are made of natural cotton which ensures a clean burn (goodbye smoking and soot!)
This particular bespoke candle, ‘Cotswold Wedding’ obviously featured  Lavender which not only smells gorgeous, it means compassion and devotion – perfect for a wedding! I love the smell of lavender as to me it brings back memories of my Nan who loved the fragrance and grew so much of the stuff!  I even had lavender in my own wedding flowers for this very reason. However, I am aware that it can be seen as an ‘old lady smell’ and that you have to be careful to get it right. Tussie Mussie  nailed this with the most natural lavender candle fragrance I have ever experienced.  It’s like brushing up against a lavender bush or gently crushing some in your hands, a real-true to life, natural smell.
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Whether you want to fragrance your wedding or you’re just looking for a new candle that’s different to so many of the mass produced ones on the market today I really am so impressed and would recommended visiting their website to find out more about their creations. Tussie Mussie can work with brides to create a bespoke blend or you can choose from their existing collection (Love Story sounds divine…).
Whisper and Blush
 Will you be creating a bespoke scent for your big day?  Or choosing a new perfume especially for the occasion?  
Melissa xx