The Cheap & Cheerful ‘Beauty Gadget’ For Glowing Skin) | The Facial Loofah

One of the biggest reported beauty concerns is dull, dehydrated skin.  Which is no wonder given the busy lifestyles people lead (not to mention having to fit in wedding planning and running errands on top of an already action-packed schedule!).  The quickest and easiest way to tackle this is to focus on making sure you exfoliate, drink water and moisturise. 

When it comes to exfoliators, I’m not a fan of facial scrubs finding them to be too abrasive and harsh, leaving my face red and sore rather than soft and glowing. (Maybe I just have terrible flashbacks to the scratchy apricot scrubs I used as a teenager!) 

I’m a huge advocate for chemical exfoliators (which sound scary but really aren’t) such as Alpha H Liquid Gold, an overnight treatment  which uses glycolic acid to stimulate the skin cells and reveal healthy ‘new’ skin underneath.  I love this stuff.  It’s one of those products where you’ll look in the mirror the next morning and honestly see a difference. However, since being pregnant my skin is a little more sensitive than before so I wanted to find another way to exfoliate my face.

I’ve always been curious about the facial brush systems such as the Clarisonic, and to be honest, as someone who always wants to try new products and gadgets, I’m surprised I’m still yet to do so.  The reason I haven’t is that I have read mixed reviews about them, with people reporting a ‘purging’ stage where they had outbreaks of spots and acne before seeing a difference and others saying their skin was “over-exfoliated” becoming sore. They can also be quite expensive and so if it didn’t work out for me, I didn’t want yet another wasted gadget gathering dust in a drawer!

So I decided to try a cheaper alternative and  purchased a pack of Facial Loofahs.  I picked up the Botanics Facial Loofahs from Boots and at less than £3 for a pack of five, they are great value for money.  I use these every evening and start by  using a cleansing oil to melt off all my make up, rinsing this off in warm water.  I then dampen my face and apply my current favourite cleanser (Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser) working it throughly into the skin.  I dampen one of the loofah pads in warm water to soften it, and then massage it over my face before throughly rinsing off all of the cleanser and following up with my toners, serums and moisturisers .  I have been using these for around three months (so a decent amount of time to see if they work) and I can honestly say I am so impressed – in fact, these little discs have changed my skincare game!

Boots Botanics Facial Loofah

Since using these I haven’t had an outbreak and the clarity of my skin is greatly improved. It looks even and clear and I am confident enough to go without foundation! My face feels soft and smooth and when I do apply makeup, it glides on evenly. I really am sold.  I’d recommend trying out a facial loofah to anyone who’s thinking of purchasing an electric cleansing system to see how this works for them first, as this is a cheap, cheerful way to get great results.  They’re also a great way to get your skin in top condition ahead of your big day without having to pay out a fortune on expensive treatments.

Tips For Using a Facial Loofah:

  • After use make sure to rinse them out throughly and leave to air dry
  • Change the loofahs regularly (I personally use each pad for 3 – 4 nights and then use a new one)
  • Make sure to really soften the pads under warm water before use
  • Don’t scrub hard!  You don’t want to scratch at your face! Use gentle circular motions and don’t press too hard.


  • As these are natural products (a’Luffa’ is a relative to the cucumber and is treated and dried out to create loofahs) there can be differences in each pad. The most gentle and effective ones to use are the paper thin discs and annoyingly occasionally I’ll pick up a pack with a couple of thicker pads which I can’t use as these are too scratchy. Considering how cheap the packs are I don’t mind this too much and will use these thicker ones to exfoliate my body for fake tan prep – or even to scrub off fake tan mistakes.


Boots Botanics Facial Loofah

Facial Loofah review _ Kiehls cleanser


Whisper and Blush

Have you tried these?  What do you think to them?  Would you recommend trying a Clarisonic?


Melissa xx