Top 5 Wedding Apps of 2016

Top 5 wedding apps 2016

My phone is full of apps for every eventuality, I admit, some more useful than others (I still have a star gazing app which I downloaded in Hawaii when on honeymoon 2 years ago – I promise it was amazing at the time but the UK skies just don’t have the same appeal!) In fact just writing this I have put on my to do list (obviously via an app) to do an app cull!

Wedding planning can be a minefield, especially when needing to juggle a zillion others things in our every day lives, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.  It’s meant to be a time of enjoyment, excitement and happiness (especially when that sparkler on your ring finger keeps winking at you when driving, typing or texting!) so we wanted to bring you the top 5 wedding apps of 2016 to help you on your way to wedding planning bliss…

1. Appy Couple

Appy CoupleI had to feature this again (we wrote a wedding app post a year ago) as it’s still one of the best apps for managing wedding admin but primarily in creating your own website/app for guests to get all your wedding info in one place. I actually used this for my wedding and I can say from personal experience it really helped categorise and remind me of the key milestones.  It does take quite a bit of effort at the beginning (you can spend hours browsing all the different styles) but it’s time well spent. It does come at a cost though (the app is free to download) as the basic package starts at £39. The good news is you can sample a demo before you buy. Available on iOS and Android.


2. Wedding Happy

Wedding Happy


This is similar to Appy Couple (see above) but without the website/app build. It’s one of the original wedding planning apps and having been around for a while it’s grown and improved over time. It creates a wedding plan for you, with timelines, tasks and key milestones. Even if you don’t fancy having constant reminders of what you haven’t done, I would recommend downloading it at the beginning of your planing, if only to get an idea of all the things that go into planning a wedding (big or small!). It’s free to download but the negative is it’s only available on iOS.



3. Fudget

FudgetThis budget planner app is described on their website as ‘fast, simple money management’ and that’s exactly what it is! I always recommend to people that whatever your wedding budget, big or small, you need to keep track of it as costs can easily spiral out of control. If you don’t want the additional features of some of the traditional wedding apps, but want to watch the pennies, then this is for you (or your partner). It also comes in a variety of currencies so perfect for planning a wedding at home or abroad. To be honest it’s pretty useful for every day life, plus you can have multiple sheets, so perfect for the honeymoon budget too! Available on iOS and Android.



4. Color Genius (annoyingly spelt the American way!)

L'Oreal Color Genius


I’m not usually a fan of branded content apps as they have been created for one reason – to sell you their products, however I do think the L’Oreal Color Genius is worth a mention. It’s great for those of you that may want to try a different makeup style or aren’t sure what look you want to go for with your chosen wedding outfit.  In fact this isn’t just for brides, it’s also great for bridesmaids – just take a pic of your outfit and it will give you makeup suggestions – and not just subtle ones – you can choose to match clash or blend. Oh and did I mention it’s free! Available on iOS and Android.
5. Bridebook

Bridebook Brunch 152-XLOkay so technically this isn’t an app, however it’s one of the most useful wedding planning tools, especially if you like everything being in one place. It’s available online (mobile optimised website) and it’s free to sign up. It gives you access to some really useful tools, including a budget calculator and guest list planner, plus a detailed venue and supplier directory. There is also some great tips from their experts, including Bobby Brown (who we featured on our blog a few months ago!).

Of course I would also recommend Pinterest for lots of inspiration and Etsy is a wedding favourite for wanting a few little bits that are unique to you.

Let us know what apps you have used and would recommend.  At the end of the day an app can offer you the world but the best apps are the ones useful to you and your lifestyle.

Happy planning!

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