Trends | Our 7 Wedding Predictions For 2017, 2018 and Beyond

There’s no getting away from the fact 2016 has been a bit of a shocker all round with the sad deaths of some of our most-loved celebrities; the on-going debacle that’s Brexit and shall I even dare to mention Trump? There seems to be a collective nod of agreement (be it even just virtually across social media) that we put 2016 behind us and look to the future, however uncertain that may be.  And it’s this uncertainty which may slightly alter the way we do weddings.

In this current, “age of austerity’ there is certainly a strain on household budgets.  There’s no escaping the fact things are getting more expensive and there is a concern around job security.  For these reasons it’s likely that while big, “traditional” weddings will always have their place, (with a number of people thinking, ‘F*ck it, I still want a big do!’), we think that we may see a shift in the way some couples choose to celebrate their big day.

NB: This isn’t suppose to be a “doom and gloom” post, not at all. In fact this change in attitudes means even more personalised and intimate ways of doing things.  And what’s more romantic and wonderful than that!

We’ve split our predictions into three categories; The Wedding Day,  The Fashion and The Honeymoon.


 1 | Rise of the elopement/ small-scale do…

With the opulent over-the-top celebrity weddings of the nineties and early noughties there was a lot of focus on “the big day” itself with people almost competing for the most lavish do.

With people now being more concerned about the future we think a number of couples may well shun the idea of spending thousands of pounds on one day.  After all, that money could be put towards a house deposit, setting up a business, or something that will benefit you long after the wedding day itself.  For this reason we think we’ll see a lot more elopements; weddings abroad with nearest and dearest; and  do’s held at home, the pub or a favourite restaurant.  These smaller-scale events allow for a lot more personalised celebrations and puts the emphasis back on building a future together not who has the biggest ice sculpture.


 2 | Baby/ Child  Focussed…

…In 1952, 75% of women were married by 22!  The average age that people get married in the UK now is 32 for a man and 30 for a women -a high percentage of couples are older still. This is because we’re busy building careers; travelling the world; playing the field; or wanting to buy a house before we settle down.  And being that bit older means some couples have already started their family and want to wait until their children are old enough to play a key role in the celebrations.

3 | Rise in First Look Photoshoots…

..Two reasons why we’ll see an increase in this; One; with elopements, smaller do’s, and same-sex marriages – couples are increasingly getting ready together so the tradition of not seeing the Bride until she steps onto the aisle is not necessarily relevant to modern couples.  And Two – quite simply – they make AWESOME shots for the wedding album!

Imag Source: via Pinterest – WeddingForward


Prediction 4 | Lesser-Known Bridal Designers…

… Once upon a time Brides would flick through monthly Bridal magazines and rip out pictures of their favourite dresses.  Now we have 24/7 access to ideas and inspiration.  With 75% of brides to be pinning dresses to a wedding Pinterest board BEFORE they’re even engaged (Love the organisation ladies!). A hashtag search on Instagram or a scroll through Pinterest reveals a whole host of bridal designers and with easy international shipping, Brides have access to amazing designers that aren’t  stocked in many boutiques in the UK.  Think Australian label, Grace Loves Lace,  German designer Kisui and US-based Sarah Seven

Prediction 5| Embracing the High Street…

… With the likes of Asos, Needle and Thread, Virgo’s Lounge, Missguided, Self Portrait and Coast to name but a few, all with their own bridal lines,  Brides are now spoilt for choice when it comes to getting style-led affordable dresses.  Not only do these designs save on the overall budget, they also make the perfect choice for a dress to pack for a wedding abroad or even give Brides the opportunity to have several outfit changes throughout the day.

Prediction 6| Favourite Designers…

… While some Brides may choose to save on their dress, others may splurge.  But instead of spending thousands on a wedding dress some brides may choose to pick a dress from their favourite high-end designer with the view that it can be worn again or with the attitude of, “when else could I wear a Valentino gown!” We’ve said on this blog over and over again that coloured dresses are a popular choice and this option allows brides to play around with colour and style like never before.


Prediction 7 | The Mega-Moon…

…Uncertainty around work and everyday niggles and stresses can lead to questioning life choices. There’s been a steady increase in people deciding to take career breaks to spend 6-12 months travelling the world and deciding what they want to be doing. We’re now seeing a number of couples taking the opportunity to explore the world and have new experiences together as part of an epic long, long honeymoon.



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Are you going to be embracing any of these trends?  We’d love to hear all about it. Melissa xx