Wedding Trend | Back to Nature

Image source: Bridal Musings

Okay so I’m going to start this post by clarifying that I am allergic to most flowers so the theme ‘back to nature’ may spark alarm bells if you are anything like me! Lilies are the absolute worst offenders (I went to an interview once with lilies in the room, had a nose bleed half way through and had to run out, although I did get offered the job for not getting flustered and managing the situation well!!) Anyway I digress…

As you can imagine being allergic to most flowers caused quite a lot of difficulty when it came to selecting flowers for my wedding. So I thought I would take this opportunity to give you inspiration on the latest wedding trend ‘Back to Nature’ and how ‘nature’ doesn’t mean cutesy country hayfever but chic sophisticated style . I love this theme as it’s fresh, vibrant and yet serene,  plus more importantly not a lily in sight!

This look can be very simplistic with the focus being on blues and greens, but make no mistake it’s very adaptable. For example, dark thistle blues and deep olive greens for a winter wedding verses pale sea blues and vibrant lush greens for a summer wedding.

Not only that but you can match your bridal style – laid back country chic verses ultra modern minimalist. We are also finding that a lot of the new bridal gown trends also feature very pale blues, so if this is the route you are going down for your gown then the opportunities are endless!

And it doesn’t end there, this theme can seamlessly flow throughout your whole wedding…

If you want more inspiration on the ‘Back to Nature’ theme, including table displays, colour palettes and shoes, then check out our Pinterest board.

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