Fashion Forward | Fan of the Fan?

It’s Summer, it’s stifling hot (okay so you may not be in the UK), horribly humid, and you need to cool down – wait…what’s that handy little thing neatly folded in your handbag – yes it’s a classic fan, not a battery operated fan that hacks your nose of when it gets too close, but a beautiful, artistic and ever so elegant folded hand fan!




Yep, they will be back in fashion this Summer and as well as being uber practical they can perfectly compliment any outfit, think how you pick your handbags and accessories, and use the same principle for selecting your hand fan. They are featured in Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2017 campaign, and we have a feeling the high street will get in on the action too. Perfect for a bride-to-be, bridesmaids or a fashion forward wedding guest…

Gucci SS17 campaign
Image source: Gucci

Dating back as far as the ancient Romans and Greeks (although in recent times Japan and China have laid claims to inventing the folding hand fan), this beautiful serene piece of art was actually the modern day instant messaging. So if you want to practice your communication skills here are a few to get you started…

  • A very quick fanning movement = “I am engaged”
  • A slow fanning movement = “I am married”
  • Holding the fan to the lips = “Kiss me”

Now we just need the hot Summer…

Whisper and Blush


Kate x