Moddershall Oaks | The Spa That Ticks The Boxes For A Mini-Moon, Girly Break or Romantic Getaway

hot tub relax in winter

Both being new mums and yet to have our first, “night away from it all” we let out audible squeals of delight when the team at Moddershall Oaks got in touch to see if we were interested in coming along to check out their facilities and find out more about their wedding venue packages (more on that in another post)…. Errr, Hell yeah! … So with our husbands on baby duty, we packed our cases and road tripped up to Staffordshire.

Now we would love to say the spa appeared magically surrounded by the beautiful Staffordshire countryside, but in all honestly it was snowing, (not forecast!) so we couldn’t actually see very much at all!  However, as soon as we entered the reception we were greeted with a warm welcome and a glass of prosecco so we soon thawed out and settled into spa life (well for a precious 24 hours at least!).

The staff were really accommodating as we arrived an hour early (totally misjudged the traffic, or lack of it!) so we sat down with a sigh of relief for having made it this far, whilst trying to get in the headspace to relax.

After a lovely lunch and another glass of prosecco (we don’t get out much nowadays with the babies!) we were shown to our ‘deluxe suite’ and proceeded to settle in. The rooms are a relatively recent addition to the Moddershall Oaks experience (2014 according to the lady that showed us to our room) and they didn’t disappoint.

The decor was warm and relaxing, whilst the room was extremely practical (they even had a GHD hairdryer much to Melissa’s delight!).  The outdoor patio with access to a shared hot tub was a really nice feature, and in the snow it was the perfect setting to relax and unwind!

The bath was deep, oval and nicely styled and although we didn’t have time to make use of it, we were impressed by the size of the bathroom and the Elemis products adorning the shelves (a favourite of mine).

We didn’t waste a minute longer and got changed into our swimwear and warm, fluffy robes. Neither of us had brought slippers so we were fortunate that the lady on reception gave us some flip flops (one size fits all which on my Hobbit feet meant they looked like boats, but hey we weren’t complaining as we were grateful for not having to wander around in winter boots!).

Following a mini tour of the facilities we headed straight for the most appealing part of the spa…the outdoor vitality spa pool! Now you may think this was crazy in the snow, however once you got past the ice cold tip toeing, post dressing gown drop, it was a hot, steamy and bubbly delight! Oh and to make it even better there was waiter service from the pool (never seen this at a spa before), which everyone seemed to be making the most of!

It would of been rude not to try it out ourselves (obviously!), so there we were with Cosmo in hand, surrounded by snow and the beautiful countryside! It was made all the more relaxing with the smell of the log burner sizzling nearby whilst snowflakes settled around us in perfect contrast to the hot water on our skin.

Next up the treatments…we each opted for something different (Melissa for reflexology and myself for a facial) scheduled for 6pm and 6.30pm respectively, and although we were disappointed that the magazines were out of date in the treatment waiting area, the experience we both received made up for the article on ‘how to style your house at Christmas’.

At first I was a bit apprehensive as the therapist (Courtney) discussed how the machine may make certain noises and not to be alarmed.  The machine was a surprise, mainly because I couldn’t remember what facial I had agreed to have (either that or George had kept me up all night when we booked it!) but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.

The facial was 25 minutes long and called Elemis Biotec Skin Solutions, now although it sounds a bit like a science experiment it made my skin feel revived, energised and oh so soft.  In fact usually when you have a facial it seems the results only last that day at best, but you could really feel the difference so it’s a thumbs up as long as you don’t mind a machine doing some of the work!

Melissa, usually a massage or facial fan, decided to try something completely new to her and opted for 55mins of Reflexology.  Admittedly (as much as she loves the odd foot rub) she was a bit unsure as to whether almost an hour of someone massaging her feet would be a worthwhile treatment.  But when we caught up afterwards she was singing the praises of the treatment saying it was one of the most relaxing experiences she’d ever had and that she was even pretty sure she dozed off for a while! She was impressed that just by touching her feet the therapist could tell that she had a sore left shoulder and was feeling tired and run down (new baby and all that).  She’s already talking about having some more sessions (as recommended) so it’s safe to say she’s a reflexology convert!

We returned to our rooms to do a quick turnaround for dinner at 8pm and by this point we were both really hungry so were intrigued to see what would be on the menu. Now, usually when you go to a spa the dinner is an after thought, not that it’s not nice but the primary reason you are there is to relax and unwind, not to necessarily experience fine dining.  However we were extremely impressed to find an award winning gourmet restaurant waiting for us with exceptional food, service and of course wine – hats off to the chef!

We were up mega early the next morning (our body clocks still programmed to baby o’clock) so following a lovely breakfast, we made our way back to the spa, saying hi to the cleaners on our way, who looked in shock that any guests would be roaming the spa at that time, and settled back in the lagoon pool for one last moment of calm…absolute bliss…



Return: Yes

Recommend? Yes

Highlight? Heated outdoor vitality spa pool and fine dining evening meal

Great for? Romantic break, mini-moon, mother daughter treat and smaller hen parties


Find out more about Moddershall Oaks here


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Moddershall Oaks kindly invited us to stay and try out their facilities in exchange for a review.  All opinions in the post are honest and reflect our true experience of our stay.


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