Wedding hair | Do you chose a new do?

Bridal wedding hair

So it seems the latest trend in celebville is getting the chop – not losing jobs but hair! 2017 is the year of the pixie lob (well that’s what I’m calling it!), it’s short, sexy and let’s be honest, maintenance free, but would you take such drastic measures knowing you were getting married?

Okay, so shaving it all off aka Kristen Stewart is pretty severe but you’d be surprised how many people ‘grow their hair for their wedding’ when they’ve had short hair for the past 10 years!

When you ask people how they want to look on their wedding day, the resounding answer is ‘the best version of me’ well why does that mean growing your hair when it hasn’t been long in years?!

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally guilty of this as I had my hair cut a year or so before my wedding (it was long before) and then proceeded to spend the next year growing it out! I think it’s because it gives more options, however I’m someone who doesn’t wear my hair up very often (well I was before baby George came along!) and so having up options wouldn’t of been something I chose anyway!

Whatever hairdo you decide to go for on the big day it needs to make you feel confident, self-assured and more importantly you, whether that’s short, long, up or buzzed!

Let us know what you think…

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Kate x