Multifaceted Wedding Dresses | 2017/2018

Nevenka Halo Halo Collection 2017

I’m not sure if any of you saw the Britain’s Got Talent final at the weekend (I didn’t as I’m personally not a fan) but I was on Twitter and it went crazy with comments such as ‘Is Amanda getting married?’, ‘Why is Amanda wearing a wedding dress?’, which sparked my interest to check it out.

At first I thought these people must be mistaken and that it was probably a ‘wedding style’ long white dress, however when I looked it up it was a full blown, full skirted, Suzanne Neville wedding dress!

I must admit that I didn’t love the dress, and I do think it could of fitted her better on the bust (that’s me being picky), but you have to give the girl a PR thumbs up because it trumped Alisha Dixon’s never ending legs to the column inches and I’m sure it didn’t do Suzanne Neville any harm either.

So todays post is a round up of my favourite multifaceted wedding dresses of 2017/2018, which¬†take you from walking down the aisle to¬†wowing the crowd at a party (a very special party of course!)…


Costarellos Spring 2018
Spring 2018 Collection


Romona Keveza

Romona Keveza Fall 2017
Fall 2017


Stephanie Allin

Stephanie Allin Bellissimo 2017 Garda
Bellissimo 2017 Collection – Garda


Halfpenny London

Halfpenny London Ebony
Ebony – Standing on Stardust Collection



Nevenka Halo
Halo Collection 2017


Kaviar Gauche

Kaviar Gauche Sans Souci 2017
Sans Souci Collection 2017


Sabrina Dahan

Sabrina Dahan Spring 2017 Ellie
Ellie – Spring 2017


Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace Ziggy
Ziggy – 2017


Whisper and Blush



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