Wedding Theme| Sweet as Carnival Candy

This past weekend I went to our local Summer carnival, now this may conjure up in your mind Brazil, Notting Hill or some other crazy party, but think more school fete with a tad more alcohol! But you know what, it was a great day (I never realised so many people lived here!) and to top it off the weather was a perfect Summers day (this was confirmed by me having to put factor 50 on!)

Whilst wandering around sipping on Pimms, dancing to the samba band (more to keep my 9 month old son amused) and admiring the local stalls, I was struck by how colourful it all was – from the fun filled fair ground rides to the children’s arms filled with candy floss, and it got me thinking of some recent wedding trends I have seen popping up on Pinterest. So with my inspiration running wild, here is my take on ‘Sweet as Carnival Candy’…



Table Decor










Now with all that in mind, get outside and enjoy the Great British Summer!

Whisper and Blush



Kate x