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Perserverance London Mint Cami Dress

Wow, it’s hot. Not just Britain hot, but Mediterranean hot! Now I’m never one to complain about the heat (when I’m sat next to a pool, cocktail in hand, with air conditioning, whilst on holiday) but these past few days have been stifling.

Whilst we were in the garden at my parents house on Sunday (cooling down my 9 month old sun in the paddling pool) it dawned on me how I would hate to get married in this weather (sorry if you got married at the weekend!). Your makeup would of melted by the time you got to the venue, your dress would feel hot and sticky and your feet would swell up causing your perfect Jimmy Choos to rub.

Now knowing the bride would more than likely have everything already sorted (well I’d hope they would if they were getting married within the next week), I thought I would put together a few options for wedding guests (sorry guys this ones for the ladies because a suit is a suit and you’re going to have to suck it up).

All of these are currently available to buy so if you have a tight, clingy or heavy outfit planned that is filling you with dread then check out these lightweight, free-flowing, cooler alternatives…







Even if the weather decides to cloud over – it is Britain after all – any of these are worthy of having in your Summer wardrobe anyway!

Whisper and Blush



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Perseverance London – Mint Guipere Lace Cami Dress – £177

Perserverance London Mint Cami Dress





Closet Summer Dress – £84.99

Closet Summer Dress Multi Color





ASOS 40s Seamed Satin Midi Dress – Silver Rose Print – £75

ASOS Summer 40s Silver Rose






ASOS Soft Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress – £75

ASOS Soft Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress

Boutique Moschino – Tiered Stretch CrepeMini Dress – £245

Moschino Stretch Crepe Midi Dress

Self Portrait – Azaelea Guipure Lace Midi Dress – £260

Self Portrait Lace Midi Dress






ASOS Chevron Textured Pleated Cami Midi Dress – £22.50

ASOS Chevron Cami Midi

Every Cloud Palm Print Bardot Mini Dress – £75

Every Cloud Palm Print Midi Dress

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