Sunday Snapshot| Number 4

Katya Katya Shehurnia Sale

This week we have been…

Creating Cooling Cocktails…

Echo Falls Cocktail

…The recent heat wave here in the UK has had us thinking about creative ways to quench our thirst, and so when we received these Frosé Cocktail recipes from Echo Falls we knew we’d have to give them a try!  They’d make fab reception drinks at a wedding this summer or would be perfect to serve at a Hen Do or Baby Shower… or a random Thursday night as I did when testing them out!  The Lively Lychee is my fave!

Lychee cocktailLively Lychee 

75ml Echo Falls White Zinfandel

50ml Lychee Juice

2.5ml or 1/2 tsp orange water

50ml Honey water (1 part honey for 1 part water or 25ml/2 tsp of honey)

25ml Monin sugar syrup 

10 ice cubes, blended for 15 to 20seconds

Garnish with an edible flower / dry rose petals

Berry Fun wedding drinks reception cocktails

75ml Echo Falls White Zinfandel

4 Strawberries

4 raspberries

50ml of cold Jasmine Tea or Infuse some jasmine tea for 4mins in

boiling water then let it cool down in the fridge

75ml of Monin Sugar Syrup

10 ice cubes, blended for 15 – 20 seconds

Garnish with a Strawberry 

Lemon Scream Cocktail By Echo Falls

Lemon Scream

75ml Echo Falls White Zinfandel

1 small scoop of lemon Ice cream

50ml Coriander syrup or add 2tsp of ground coriander into a

bottle of Monin sugar syrup

10 ice cubes, blended for 15 – 20 seconds

Garnish with a lemon wheel

Recommending The Katya Katya Shehurina Sale…

Katya Katya Shehurina Sale

… If you’re still looking for “THE ONE” (your dress not your partner) then you need to get yourself to the Katya Katya Shehurina Flagship store in London between 11am – 8pm on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of July where they’ll be holding their End of Season Sale with up to 70% off their Bridal and Evening Wear Lines.  There’s no appointment necessary, just feel free to stop by.  We’d obviously recommending getting there as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Being Majorly Impressed With This Chanel Mascara…

Chanel Waterproof Mascara

…At the airport ahead of my holiday I remembered that I had forgotten to pack a mascara.  As I was visiting Chanel in Duty Free anyway to stock up on my bronzer I decided to save time and grab one from there.

I picked up the Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Volume Mascara and I’m impressed!  It stays put all day, even in the blistering heat.  It doesn’t travel down my face and leave me with flaky bits of mascara on my cheeks, (a real issue for me as I have very watery eyes) ; it really is waterproof, lasting through numerous dips in the pool;  and it even stands up to a bit of hay fever induced eye rubbing.  What I like most is that with a cleansing oil at night, it’s really easy to remove too so there’s no panda eye look in the morning.  I’ll definitely be repurchasing and recommend to anyone who needs a stay put mascara. (Brides and Wedding Guests prone to a few tears of joy, I’m looking at you!)


Whisper and Blush


Melissa xx

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