Sunshine Style |Yellow Beach Dress

Yellow Beach Dress in Ibiza

Some beach dresses can be a bit on the flimsy side (flimsy is my polite way of saying cheap and see-through). I like ones that have a bit more substance to them. You know, something you could wear on a boat trip and throw over a wet swimsuit and still manage to look pulled together. Or equally, put it on to wander off for some lunch after lazing by the pool but if you find yourself out shopping or in a local bar, you don’t look out of place.

Before our holiday I noticed that our local John Lewis has started stocking the Hush collection. Everything is quite simple and understated, but seeing the pieces in real-life you can appreciate the quality and detail. I fell in love with this yellow beach dress (okay, so maybe it’s a bit bright to call “understated”). Yellow is my favourite colour and I knew the relaxed fit and swing style would be so comfortable in the heat.

Boat in Ibiza 2017

In the cost of wear terms, I imagine this to be free by the time summer is over! I wore it practically every day in Ibiza to take me from pool to lunch and even wore it for a wander around the local area.

Hush Dress 2017

Close up of Quay Sunglasses

Boat and Rock Ibiza Coast

If you’re off on holiday or honeymoon this summer, you really should consider treating yourself to a multi-purpose beach dress. Here are some of our other faves.



Beach dress cover ups 2017 2018
Whisper and Blush
 Melissa x
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