Bridal Jackets & Capes | Savin London

Savin Alya Jacket Close Up Alya Jacket - Image courtesy of Savin London

The 2018 runway shows have brought us lots of trends to look out for – pale blue/grey wedding dresses, high necks and yet more jumpsuits, to mention a few, but the one I am loving the most is the bridal jacket/cape.


They look uber stylish, fun and are extremely versatile.  You can change the look of your whole dress/jumpsuit just by adding one – from simple to stunning in one flick of the arm! They’re not just for autumn or winter either, some of the designs are so light they would float perfectly in a summer breeze, but equally keep that chill off when the night draws to a close.

Now usually at this point I’d showcase my favourite jackets and capes from a range of designers, however today I have decided to focus on just the one, as I am obsessed with their latest 2018 collection and it deserves to have a spot all to itself!  So the designer who I think as encapsulated the jacket/cape style the best is British designer Savin London.


Their ‘Bridal City’ 2018 collection isn’t playing it safe as some designers are (meaning they haven’t just upgraded a veil) but instead are bringing a contemporary feel to what can sometimes just be an added extra.  These jackets/capes are far from it though, and I think I’d be more excited about making a statement with one than the dress itself!



I also appreciate the fine hints and touches of gold in each design, which again gives this collection it’s modern 2018 twist. A lot of our brides always comment on wanting that little unique detail which sets off the gown and these designs certainly do that.


If they had been available in such cool and contemporary styles when I got married I would of definitely chosen one (I got married in December so it was a little chilly!).  If you’d like to check out the rest of their beautiful ‘Bridal City’ collection you can do so here.

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Kate x