Drinks on Arrival? | 2017 Trends

Rose Sangria with Cranberries

I’m putting this out there…anyone who says they wouldn’t like a little alcoholic beverage when they arrive at a wedding is lying!  Not because they are a raving alcoholic, but because they’ve usually travelled a fair distance to get there, prepared themselves to see distant family members and long lost friends or just wanting to get the party started!

Now you may have a fear that if you provide welcome drinks on arrival that people will get drunk too early.  But put yourself in your guests shoes – is that what you’d do?  No?  Then your guests won’t either.  Besides it’s not like people can walk into the wedding with their hands full of drink like a university student on a course night out!

It’s actually a lovely way to make people feel instantly relaxed, gets people chatting at the drinks station and it’s an instant discussion point for those that may not know each other.

You can also tailor your drinks choice to the season, for example, I got married in December and on arrival my guests were greeted with mugs of hot chocolate, Baileys (you could request it without Baileys!) and marshmallows. My sister-in-law also made some delicious home-made cookies which kept the guests hunger at bay (we lucked out because she also made our wedding cake and it was amazing).

So what’s going to wow your wedding guests on arrival in 2017/2018?  Well here’s a few options to suit all seasons…

Gin and flavoured tonic – although surprisingly the focus isn’t on the gin but the tonic!  The industry is seeing an influx in flavoured tonics to give your gin a 2017 makeover. It’s also refreshing, light, short, oh and clear so no danger of staining those beautiful suits and dresses! Think elderflower, orange, ginger and smoked apple wood…

Gin and flavoured tonic

Boozy ice lollies – this ones more risky if you’re not getting married abroad because ice lollies when its raining in the UK are a miss, but guaranteed the sunshine and these boozy, bright and beautiful sweet treats are a perfect start to a wonderful day…

Boozy ice lollies


Health conscious cocktails – the trend for fresh, seasonal produce in food is transferring to cocktails with a focus on natural ingredients being big in 2018.  So if you want to keep your guests feeling fresh and fruity how about Rosé Sangria with Cranberries and Apples…

Rose Sangria with Cranberries


English sparkling wine – this is one of my favourite things at the moment, I love it!  Prosecco is everywhere and if I’m honest I’m getting a little bored of it (did I just say that out loud…I take it back) so make your guests arrival a little more special with some English sparkling wine, it’s not as dry as Champagne and not as sweet as prosecco – perfect!

English sparkling wine

Craft beer – now granted not everyone is in to beer but nowadays it’s all about the flavour and the style, so don’t discount it whilst thinking of old men in a pub, instead go for craft, character and kegs…

Craft beer bar


Now if only I could of taste tested this blog post…

Whisper and Blush



Kate x