Halloween Ideas For Brides To Be | 3 Costumes To Cause A Fright

It feels like forever since I sat down to write a blog post. And that’s because it has been! We wrote here about the struggles we were facing with trying to stay on top of the blog, work full-time and look after babies – I have so much respect for those “super mums” out there who manage to juggle everything so well. Please, please, please share your secrets!

Fortunately, I have managed to find a bit of time to write a post just in time for my favourite time of the year, Halloween! I love Halloween and throwing parties for it. It’s such a great excuse for me to play around with makeup and get out my special effects kits! This year it’s unlikely I’ll be doing anything (so gutted – I might just dress up at home and pretend), but I figured I might as well pull together some Halloween Party ideas for you guys who do still have a life! If you’re getting married soon and you’re anything like I was, you might want to milk it for as long as possible, so here are my costume ideas for brides to be.

Bride of Frankenstein…

Bride of frankenstein

… A totally iconic look and super easy to create. Any white dress will do; the key to this look is all in the hair.  If you feel up to the challenge of combing it out the next day you can crimp your own hair and then backcomb away (really, really backcomb!) and complete with a spray of white hair colour which is so easy to find at this time of year.  If that seems too tricky (or you worry about damage to your hair) then get a wig like this one here.  My personal preference would be the “no pain, no gain” route and style your own hair as a lot of Halloween wigs look really cheap and nasty. Although a happy medium option could be to buy a long black wig and then backcomb the crap out of that instead.

Filmed in the 1930’s the makeup is super glamorous with a deep blood red lip, you just need to create a stitched on neck effect. One of my favourite YouTube “beauty gurus” Desi Perkins, created the most amazing tutorial for this look.  It’s well worth checking out here.

Desi Perkins -bride-of-frankenstein-makeup-
Source: Pinterest: Desi Perkins

Bride of Chucky

So I’ve never seen any of the Chucky movie franchise and I am perfectly happy to keep it that way!  However, even if like me you haven’t seen the films, you’ll still recognise the characters.  Again a ridiculously simple costume that just requires a black leather jacket, a platinum blonde wig, a white dress and a toy gun. You can also paint a heart tattoo on your chest or buy a stick on tat like this.

Bride of Chucky

With the dark lips and eye makeup, this is the type of costume that could be quite vampy.  If you’d rather be super scary then I suggest checking out some of the ‘creepy doll’ YouTube tutorials to make yourself look more doll-like (in a really scary way!).

Generic Zombie or Skeleton Bride…

half skull skeleton bride halloween
Source: Crisspy Makeup

A great option is to capitalise on popular Halloween ideas and then just be a bride version e.g. Witch Bride, Zombie Bride, Ghost Bride… It’s just an excuse to wear a nice white dress and spark conversations about your own forthcoming wedding! One of the best skull tutorials I have seen recently is by Chrisspy Makeup.  Just add a headpiece and a white dress and you’re away!  (I say “just add”, the skill level of this look is pretty high so allow a good couple of hours to recreate!)

Whisper and Blush

What are you dressing up as this year?

Melissa x

Here are a few of my recent Halloween looks – really want to go out and party now!



My husband and I  as Zombies: This involved a lot of liquid latex and fake blood.  This was before I had a decent camera so the fake blood looks really red in the picture which is a shame.  My fake blood recommendation would be to use a very dark red to look more real.
A Gangster Clown. I was again inspired by Chrisspy Makeup and did this with no notice of the last minute invite (I miss those days!)