Wedding Trends To Watch in 2018 | What’s Big In Bridal?

Riki Dalal wedding dress

With 175 million monthly users (source); over 50 billion pins and over 1 billion boards; Pinterest is certainly in the know when it comes to what people are searching for and what trends we can expect to see this new year.

With the recent release of the Pinterest 100 (their list of what to watch for 2018), it’s clear to see we can expect to see people swapping their spiralizers for air-fryers; booking holidays to desert retreats and painting their homes sage. We’ve summed up some of the trends you could look to incorporate into your wedding planning – which ones will you be embracing?

Bridal Style

statement earrings 2018
Bigger is Better -Statement Earrings will be the way to go in 2018 (Image source)

If the fashion trend predictions from Pinterest are anything to go by, and let’s face it, they often are; then we expect modern brides to be wearing simple and elegant wedding dresses with an unexpected edge in the form of a subtly sexy side slit (saves for “side slits”  are up +147%). These will be teamed with statement earrings such as oversized hoops and structured heavy metal (“structured statement earrings” searches are up +947%).  Embellished shoes will also be worn (up 222%) with studs, pearls and bold buckles proving very popular.


We love the ‘Grace’ gown from Riki Dalal, the perfect mix of a fashion-forward, sexy silhouette with a touch of regality. With the detailed bodice for a touch of sparkle,and soft chiffon skirt with high side splits it’s  a beautiful balance of modern and traditional.  The embellished shoes by Ted Baker come in a range of colours and will be perfect for Brides, Bridesmaids and wedding guests.

Bridal Beauty

A good skincare regime is important in the lead up to your big day to guarantee healthy glowing skin and a great base for makeup.  Cleansing Oils are nothing new, but searches are up 555% as people realise just how fabulous they are at removing makeup and impurities. One of our favourites is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil. Squeezing its way into everyone’s morning routine, vitamin C serum is believed to improve skin texture and quality (saves for “vitamin C serum” +3379%) and are a great way to encourage glowing skin. In terms of makeup, brows are still big news but it’s long, luscious lashes we’re after (searches for “lashes” +152%).  If you struggle with the application the good news is those relatively faff-free magnetic lashes that you may have seen on Instagram are becoming mainstream with Ardell Magnetic Lashes stocked in Boots (totally plan to check these out – I will report back!)

Wedding Hair

long hair wedding
Extra long hairstyles are popular (Image Source)

Prepare to see a lot of super slicked-back styles and all kinds of curls—yep, even perms (saves for “slicked back” and “wavy” +166%). In terms of length, move over the lob (typically just as I have mine cut!) it’s all about extremes with longer locks and playful pixies proving popular (saves for “long hair” and “pixie” +130%)

slicked back hair
Slicked back hair AND Statement earrings – Kendall Jenner is ON IT! (Photo by Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage)


Wedding Decor

ballon and floral arch

We’ve called it before in this post, balloons should no longer be viewed as cheap tat you’d see at a school disco. Oh no. Balloons are filling up with foliage, glitter and other fanciness (saves for “filled balloons” +86%) and make a beautiful effect. As more people give up the booze, or at least cut back, non-alcoholic mixes with delicious, artisanal ingredients are on the rise(searches for “virgin cocktails” +160%), and we can expect to see an increase in DIY food catering with make-your-own pizzas, taco bars and hot chocolate stations (saves for holiday and events activities +114%). One thing we expect to see more of is seasonal mashups with “summer wreath” up 116%, a great floral display for your big day.



Honeymoon Inspo

Desert holiday 2018
A Beautiful Desert Spa Hotel (Image Source)

With over 4 billion ideas and a 33% increase in Pins, Pinterest is becoming a go-to destination for holiday planning. Things are heating up in desert destinations like Morocco, Dubai, Atacama Desert and Joshua Tree (saves for “desert travel” +125%), with island hopping on the Med also proving popular (saves for “Croatian islands” and “Mykonos” +96%). For couples who want an adrenaline-packed adventure, things are looking up. Scuba diving is down, while rock and mountain climbing searches are making a steep ascent (saves for “climbing” +82%),

Whisper and Blush


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