To buy or to hire? That is the question…

Wedding tea lights

It’s a new year, and yes I have become super cliche by clearing out our house, out with the old and…well…out with the old as it’s January so who ends up buying anything new?!

Anyway that actually has nothing to do with the question this blog asks, but what does, is as I was clearing out the garage, I found a box full of all the things I’d bought for our big day.  In the box were about 50 glass tea light holders, 10 silver candelabras and 20 lanterns, so apart from it looking like I was setting up my own Ebay business, it was a lovely reminder of what a great day we had.

Now, all jokes aside about an Ebay business because I’ve managed to sell the candelabras online to another lady who wanted them for her wedding which I felt really happy about, however I’m still stuck with 50 glass tea light holders!  I’ve kept some, given some to my sister and offered them to family members but there are only so many tea lights you can have before your house starts looking like a yoga retreat.

So it got me thinking…if I did it all over again would I just hire everything?  Yes, it would of been a lot easier both on the day and three years later when trying to make room for a jumperoo, but even now when I look at the tea lights and lanterns they remind me of what an amazing time we had, which on a bleak January day always makes me smile!

Wedding cheese cake

So if you’re thinking of purchasing a few items for your wedding, I’d say go ahead as it’s a lovely reminder later on of the fun you had, however it’s not for everyone as it does take time researching, space in storing the items before you get married (and afterwards depending on if you decide to sell them) and effort on the day to set them all up knowing the hire company are only going to be responsible for what you ordered from them.

I recently went to a friends wedding and it was so lovely because not only were there some great hire pieces (a humongous LOVE sign lit up with beautiful fairy lights) but there were so many other things that gave it her own personal touch – baskets with blankets in them for when people got a bit chilly, beautiful flower arrangements around her own candles (she’s always been great at interiors!) and bean bags for the children to play on.

Wedding candles

I have nothing against those people that want to hire everything (I completely understand the appeal) but even though these 50 tea lights are now clogging up space in our garage, they hold memories that no money can buy (or hire)!

Whisper and Blush



Kate x