Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress |Our Predictions


With the Royal Wedding creeping up on us we thought it would be fun to try and predict what Meghan Markle’s wedding dress will look like.

We’ve both had a go at predicting the style of dress and then also thrown in a wildcard idea for the bride to be. All we need to do now is wait until May 19th to see who’s right.

Loser buys the Prosecco!

Melissa’s Prediction:

Whisper & Blush Melissa Greenwood Wedding Fashion Expert

When I think of Meghan Markle’s style I think of simple elegant pieces with a modern twist.  However, this isn’t any wedding.  It’s a Royal Wedding and while Harry has now fallen even further down the pecking line in terms of the Crown, he is still the grandson of the Queen. As much as Meghan breaks a few royal rules I do think she will need to tow a line.  Being held in a chapel (and with the Queen as the Head of the Church) I would be surprised if her shoulders aren’t covered.  Also, you need to take into consideration that the Chapel itself is pretty large and that the event is going to be televised so there needs to be some element of drama to the dress to be fitting of both the occasion and the venue.

My prediction will be for Meghan Markle’s wedding dress to be a simple A-line shape with a capped sleeve.  She won’t need a huge Princess Diana train, but a chapel length one would bring the drama to the occasion. I don’t think she’ll opt for anything lacy (she’ll want to avoid any comparison to Kate Middleton’s wedding dress). I would, however, expect some level of detail perhaps some beautiful hand-embroidery like my picks below from Inbal Dror and Paolo Sebastian.


My wild card is highly unlikely to be a Royal Wedding Dress but could be a slinky number for the reception. I choose Arleigh Rose from Sottero & Midgley because of it’s simple, unfussy style but the cap sleeves and illusion cutouts add a modern twist.  The slim cut would flatter her fab figure and the jewel neckline adds a subtle bling. Perhaps she could wear a similar more fitted style like this but it would need to be teamed with a chapel length veil to make it more fitting for a traditional Royal Wedding.  If she wore something like this jaws would definitely drop!


For a bonus point who do I think will design the dress? I’m 99% certain she’ll go British. I know people say British couture brand Ralph & Russo (who made her beautiful gown for her engagement photos) won’t as they have a 6 month lead time but let’s face it;

1) It’s a Royal Wedding so any brand would work day and night and move mountains to make it happen and;

2) Harry and Meghan may very well have been engaged for a lot longer than we all know about!

So I’d say Ralph and Russo but I am very excited about the Burberry rumour!


Kate’s Prediction:

Whisper and Blush Kate Clarke Wedding FashionExpert

I can completely see Melissa’s logic, and of course with it being a Royal wedding everyone expects a big dress, but Harry seems like the type of guy who doesn’t always follow tradition, and I get that vibe from Meghan too (okay so I have no idea if their media persona is anything like their real one) but I’m going for slim line sophistication!

Now we’ve all seen Meghan rock some AMAZING dresses in Suits (if you haven’t seen it then please start watching it, just for the fashion alone!) so we know she can carry off stunning pretty easily, but I do think she’ll bring some of that Royal tradition and go to cathedral length veil proportions…long, delicate and with intricate edging to set off her petite frame.

I’m thinking something like this beautiful hand embroidered Sara Gabriel veil, which is a labour of love, and covered with 2,000 Swarovski crystals inspired by vintage design.

Obviously whatever she wears will fill hundreds of column inches around the world and regardless of the style she’s going to look stunning but I’m going to stick to my guns and say it’s going to be a striking Victoria Beckham gown.

Victoria Beckham has stepped away from her more iconic body-con silhouette’s of late and I think she’s played perfectly into Meghan’s favour with her more ‘casual’ (yet always looking amazing) styling! Okay, so Meghan wore a white Victoria Beckham crew neck jumper for her and Harry’s engagements shoot but I still think she’s on with a shout (even though Victoria herself has denied it on the James Cordon show!)

Victoria Beckham Spring 2011

So let’s see what the 19th May holds…we will be watching eagerly with bated breath, in the hope that one of us nailed it so we can go out for drinks (regardless of who’s buying!)

Whisper and Blush

Kate and Melissa x