Challenging times to say the least

So it’s nearly two months since our last post, and what a two months it’s been.  We cannot even begin to imagine how heartbreaking it must be if you have had your wedding cancelled during this time, and worse still, you’ve lost your hard earned cash in the process. But more importantly, we hope you have your health.

It’s certainly tough times and the one thing we have to take from it is how life can be taken away so quickly, and therefore how do we make the most of every living moment, whilst fulfilling the must-haves, children, money, work, cooking etc?

books and flowers on dresser

It’s hard, but we have to look at the more positive side of this, I can only speak for myself but I’ve spent 24/7 with my children, helped with their learning and devlopment, interacted with the people who mean the most to me, spoken to neighbours more and appreciated key workers like never before.

We also feel for the many small businesses, wedding boutiques and wedding suppliers included, who work tirelessly to make magical moments for their customers and who don’t have an endless cash flow.  We’ve worked in some wedding boutiques in the past and it’s tough out there, all their current stock will more than likely have to be discounted due to the seasonal trends and they will lose a lot of money on them.


Wherever you are in the world we hope this virus leaves as quickly as it arrived, and for those having to reorganise their wedding, may it be done at minimal cost and your guests can still make the new date.

We will continue to post our regular bridal fashion fix for those who are still in planning mode for 2021 and beyond.

Stay safe everyone.

Wedding Blog Kate x