The best of Milan Fashion Week | Bridal inspiration

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Fashion Week as we know it, (wherever they are in the world) has changed. Some would say for the better, (less pollution when the fashion elite take to the skies) and others would say for the worse (not being able to see the beatiful fabrics up close and personal to appreciate the hard work and dedication that’s gone into every single one), however one thing is clear, the desginers have not let a little thing like a global pandemic affect their work ethic.

Milan is a great example of just getting on with the new normal, with an added designer facemask thrown in for good measure. The designs are as exquisitely made and stunning as any other fashion week but with a twist (just ask Moschino!).

So here are some of my favourites to inspire your 2021 wedding dress of choice…



Fabiana Filippi

Emporio Armani

Alberta Ferretti


Giorgio Armani

Emilio Pucci

So there you have it, Milan fashion week bridal inspiration SS21.

Next up Paris…

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